Remo Remotti

Remo Remotti (16 November 1924 – 21 June 2015) was an Italian actor, playwright, artist and poet.

Remo Remotti
Remo Remotti b-w.jpg
Born(1924-11-16)16 November 1924
Rome, Italy
Died21 June 2015(2015-06-21) (aged 90)
Rome, Italy
Occupation(s)Actor, playwright, artist
Height1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)

Life and careerEdit

Born in Rome, Remotti lost his father at 12 years old, then after graduating in Law he moved to Perù, where he attended an art school and began painting.[1][2] Following the bankruptcy of the taxi company he had founded in Perù, seven years later he returned to Italy where he married Maria Luisa Loy, the sister of the director and screenwriter Nanni Loy, and started an activity as a playwright, often also directing and acting his comedy plays.[1][2] He was later requested by some theatrical companies for character roles, and in the late 1970s he began a proficuous film career as a character actor.[1] A painter and a sculptor, some of his works are exhibited at the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna.[2] He was also a composer of poems, usually sonnets in Roman dialect.[3]

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