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Islam and Christianity are both major religions in Sierra Leone with basically half of the population identifying as Muslim and the other as Christian. The rest of the population is either animist or follow other religious beliefs.[1] .[2]

The overwhelming majority of Sierra Leonean Muslims are adherent to the Sunni tradition of Islam, and with a significant Ahmadiyya Muslim minority.

The large majority of Sierra Leonean Christians are protestants, with a significantly large Catholic minority.


Islam in Sierra LeoneEdit


The vast majority of Sierra Leonean Christians are Protestants with biggest groups being Methodists[3][4] and various Evangelical Protestants.[5][6] Other Protestant denominations in the country include Presbyterians,[7] Baptists,[8] Seventh-day Adventists[9] and Lutherans.[10]

Roman Catholics are the second largest non protestant Christians division in Sierra Leone at about 5% of the country's population.[11]

The Jehovah’s Witnesses,[12] Anglicans[13] and Latter-day Saints[14][15] form a small minority of the Christian population in Sierra Leone.


Religious freedomEdit

The constitution of Sierra Leone provides for freedom of religion and the government generally protects this right and does not tolerate its abuse.[citation needed]