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Among religions in Brunei, Sunni Islam is predominant. According to the CIA World Factbook, 79% of Brunei's population is Muslim. However, other religions also have a considerable foothold in Brunei: 9% of the population is Christian and another 8% is Buddhist. The remaining 4.7% subscribe to various religions, including indigenous religions.[1]

Islam is the state religion of Brunei, but freedom of religion is guaranteed.[2] The right to practice privately is given to a plethora of religions.[2] Furthermore, some non-Islamic holidays, such as Christmas, are recognized.[2] However, these rights are limited: religious education is controlled, even in private schools, and any non-Islamic religious materials being distributed are subject to confiscation.[2]

The state madh'hab of Islam is the Shafi'i school of jurisprudence of Sunni Islam.[3] Most of Brunei's Muslim population subscribe to the Shafi'i school as well, and Shafi'i is a major source of law for the country.[3] However, with the Sultan's permission, lawmakers may also consult the other three Sunni schools of fiqh.[3]

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