Reichstag is a German word generally meaning parliament, more directly translated as Diet of the Realm or National Diet, or more loosely as Imperial Diet. It may refer to:

Buildings and places edit

Reichstagsgebäude is the specific German word for parliamentary buildings, often shortened to Reichstag, and may refer to:

  • Reichstag building, the building where German Parliaments met from 1894 to 1933 and since 1999
    • Reichstag dome, an addition to the Reichstag by Norman Foster 1995–1999
    • Reichstag, former name of the U-Bahn station at the Reichstag, renamed Bundestag in 2006

Institutions edit

Historic legislative bodies in German-speaking countries have been referred to as Reichstag, including:

Historic events edit

  • Diet of Worms (German: Reichstag zu Worms), Imperial Diet in 1521 at which Martin Luther was declared a heretic
  • Diet of Augsburg (German: Reichstag zu Augsburg), noteworthy sessions of the Imperial Diet in 1530 and 1555

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