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Rehab is the fourth studio album by Christian hip hop artist Lecrae. It was released on September 28, 2010 on Reach Records.[2] According to the Reach Records website, the album's "motto" is "The Christian life is an entrance into rehab."[3] Centered on release and freedoms from inhibiting addictions and habits, Rehab is a highly conceptual album. Rehab is nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album at the 53rd Grammy Awards.[4][5] The album was named the Best Album of 2010 in the "Best of 2010:'s Staff Picks" awards, and Lecrae was also named Artist of the Year.[6] The song "Background" and the album itself were nominated for Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song of the Year and Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year, respectively, at the 42nd Annual GMA Dove Awards.[7]

Studio album by
ReleasedSeptember 28, 2010
GenreChristian hip hop, southern hip hop
ProducerPK, CheeseBeats, Benjah, Street Symphony, Alex Medina, G.P., Kajmir Royale, Joseph Prielozny, Justin Boller, G. Roc, J.R.
Lecrae chronology
Rehab: The Overdose


In early 2010, Lecrae had been planning to name his next project "Rehab" although he had doubts about the name, mainly because Eminem released an album of a similar title. Despite this, Lecrae stuck with the original name, because "it made too much sense to not move forward with it."[8]

Release and promotionEdit

On August 3, 2010 Lecrae released a song on Rapzilla called "Amp It Up" which features Tedashii.[9] Originally thought to be the first single of Rehab, Lecrae revealed on his Twitter that it is a theme song for a Christian camp called Kanakuk.[10] A video was posted via Rapzilla on August 19, 2010 of Lecrae rapping a verse from the song "Walking on Water".[11]

According to Lecrae's blog, he will be in Southern Sudan at the time of the album's release so the "distractions of my life are stripped away and I'm left to focus on Jesus and his mission." He states that he won't be looking at the iTunes charts on which his album will be. On his blog he encourages his fans to not only buy his album, but asks them to donate to causes in Sudan and provides a link for them to do so.[12]

On September 22, 2010 Rapzilla reported that the Rehab packaging comes with an advertisement which directs buyers to purchase another upcoming album, to be released on January 11, 2011, called Rehab: The Overdose.[13] The whole Rehab album was revealed via a listening session on September 26, 2010 on Rapzilla. Lecrae also talks on the video about the concept of the album.[14]

The tracks "High", "Just Like You" and "Children of the Light" have been released as digital download singles on the iTunes Store.


The opening track on the album, "Check In", is simply about Christian "checking in" to "rehab". It introduces the concept of the album. Track number two, "Killa", is about how there are always two "women" luring humans—one is foolishness and one is wisdom (Lecrae references Proverbs 5, 8 and 9). In "Killa", Lecrae explains how foolishness will "destroy you". The next song, "Divine Intervention", is about the need for someone to intervene in addicts' lives to tell them that their actions affect others detrimentally. "Just Like You", one of the album's singles, is about how we all model our life after someone. In the song, Lecrae conveys his desire to be modeled after Jesus Christ.



Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic     [15]
CCM Magazine     [16]
Christian Music Zine     [17]
Cross Rhythms10/10[18]
DaSouth     [19]
Jesus Freak Hideout     [20]
Rapzilla     [21]

Rehab received universally positive reviews. Rapzilla's Logan Remy gave Rehab a 4.5/5 rating, calling it "Lecrae's best project to date". He says "The introductory songs all the way to the ending is an incredible ride through the growth of Lecrae," and that "Lecrae is loud and clear in the music."[22] rated Rehab 4 stars out of 5. Kellus Hill commends the albums strong theme, and its production, saying "production-wise the music is on point, maintains direction, and is of the highest quality."[23] Michael Weaver of Jesus Freak Hideout rated the album 5/5 stars, expressing high acclaim for it. He says, "Rehab is a fantastic album and is easily Lecrae's best to date, even topping Rebel. Lecrae is able to show that he is the best and most diverse rapper around." The review suggests to people who rarely listen to hip hop to get this album, even going as far as saying, "This is hip hop perfection."[24] The music website allmusic gave Rehab 4 of out 5 stars. He explains to readers that Rehab "begins with a Christian checking in to rehab and then, through a series of well-written, well-produced songs, tells the story of how he got there."[25]


The album debuted at No. 17 on the Billboard 200. Rapzilla reported that the debut week sales for Rehab were 25,864 units, about 15,000 more than Lecrae's previous album, Rebel.[26] HipHopDX reported this figure at approximately 28,000 units, ahead of Ice Cube's I Am the West which was released on the same day.[27] As of October 26, 2011, the album has sold 124,000 copies sold in the United States.[28]


The album was nominated for a Dove Award for Rap/Hip-Hop Album of the Year at the 42nd GMA Dove Awards, while the song "Background" was nominated for Rap/Hip-Hop Recorded Song of the Year.[29] The album was nominated for Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album at the 53rd Grammy Awards.

Track listingEdit

Standard edition
1."Check In"Moore, Ace Harris, MontgomeryPK2:40
2."Killa"Moore, SimsCheeseBeats3:28
3."Divine Intervention" (featuring J.R.)Moore, PeeblesJ.R.3:51
4."Just Like You" (featuring J. Paul)Moore, Morris, Peebles, Foster, Shy AmosJ.R.5:16
5."Gotta Know" (featuring Benjah)Moore, Boller, ThomBenjah and Sky4:12
6."Used to Do It Too" (featuring KB)Moore, Burgess, Montgomery, HarrisPK3:56
7."Children of the Light" (featuring Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D. and Dillavou)Moore, Sandoval, Dillavou, ThomBenjah3:33
8."High" (featuring Sho Baraka and Suzy Rock)Moore, LewisCheeseBeats3:45
9."New Shalom" (featuring Derek Minor)Moore, Johnson, EsmondStreet Symphony4:22
10."40 Deep" (featuring Trip Lee and Tedashii)Moore, Barefield, AndersonCheeseBeats4:18
11."Walking on Water"Moore, Harris, Montgomery, FearsPK3:41
12."God is Enough" (featuring Flame and Jai)Moore, Gray, Gaskin, WilliamsKajmir Royale3:55
13."Boasting" (featuring Anthony Evans)Moore, CobbinsCheeseBeats3:46
14."Background" (featuring Andy Mineo)Moore, Medina, Mineo, Prielozny, RamirezAlex Medina, Joseph Prielozny, and G.Roc4:39
15."New Reality" (featuring Chinua Hawk)Moore, AbramsamaduG.P.4:08
16."Release Date" (featuring Chris Lee)Moore, CobbinsCheeseBeats3:34
17."I Love You" (featuring Chris Lee) (bonus track)Moore, Cobbins, GaskinKajmir Royale3:17
Deluxe edition
Rehab: The Overdose (disc 2)
1."Overdose"L. Moore, T. EsmondStreet Symphony2:56
2."More"L. Moore, M. JacksonKadence for ATP4:35
3."Battle Song" (featuring Suzy Rock)L. Moore, N. Sims, Tony Stone credited as T. ShepherdTony Stone3:45
4."Anger Management" (featuring Thi'sl)L. Moore, T. Tyler, A. OlaleyeD-Flow (Thebrassman)4:56
5."Blow Your High" (featuring Canon)L. Moore, A. McCain, T. Esmond, C. DunlapStreet Symphony, Dunlap Exclusive3:29
6."Strung Out"L. Moore, J. WilliamsCheeseBeats3:59
7."Chase That Intro"D. Lukasiewicz, J. PrieloznyJoseph Prielozny0:44
8."Chase That (Ambition)"L. Moore, B. Taylor, M. Montgomery, W. HarrisPK3:45
9."The Good Life" (featuring J. Paul)L. Moore, L. Rouser, C. Cobbins, H. Hall, N. Chu, J. PrieloznyDJ Official4:36
10."Like That"L. Moore, J. WilliamsCheeseBeats3:47
11."Going In" (featuring Swoope)L. Moore, A. Swoope, N. ChuDJ Official4:31



Credits for Rehab adapted from AllMusic.[32]

  • Steven Abramsamadu – composer
  • Shy Amos - composer (uncredited)
  • Tedashii Anderson – composer
  • Williams Barefield – composer
  • Benjamin "Benjah" Leroy Thom – guitar, keyboards, producer, vocals, composer
  • Ford Clay - guitar
  • Kevin Burgess – composer
  • Jeff Carruth – drums
  • Cheesebeats – mixing, producer, vocal arrangement
  • Silent - mixing
  • Chris Lee Cobbins – composer, engineer, vocals
  • David Davidson – strings
  • Justin Dillavou – composer
  • Jonpaul Douglass – inside photo
  • Torrance "Street Symphony" Esmond – composer, producer
  • Tina Fears – composer, vocals
  • Jared Foster – composer
  • Abraham Gaskin – composer
  • Marcus "FLAME" Gray – composer, engineer
  • Warren Harris – composer
  • Haley Hunt – vocals
  • Derek "PRo" Johnson – composer, engineer
  • Kajmir Royale – producer
  • Amisho Lewis – composer
  • Carlton Lynn – engineer, mixing
  • Alex Medina – composer, producer
  • Andy Mineo – composer, engineer
  • Marlon Montgomery – composer
  • Lecrae Moore – composer
  • Jacob "Biz" Morris – composer, engineer
  • Jon "JP" Parker – engineer
  • Pastor AD3 – engineer
  • Courtney Peebles – composer, engineer
  • Joseph Prielozny – composer, engineer, acoustic guitar, producer
  • George Ramirez – composer
  • Shane Ries – engineer
  • Sonny Sandoval – composer
  • Natalie Sims – composer, vocals
  • So Sakryfycial – engineer
  • Supa Mario – engineer
  • Jai Williams – composer
  • Zach Wolfe – cover photo


Chart Position
U.S. Billboard 200[33] 17
U.S. Billboard Top Gospel Albums[33] 1
U.S. Billboard Top Christian Albums[33] 1
U.S. Billboard Top Independent Albums[33] 1
U.S. Billboard Top Rap Albums[33] 5

Song chartsEdit

Title Chart Position Week
"Background" U.S. Billboard Christian Songs 39 May 12, 2012


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