Regions of Djibouti

The regions of Djibouti are the primary geographical divisions through which Djibouti is administered.

Regions of Djibouti
Gobolada Jabuuti (Somali)
Rakaakay Gabuutih (Afar)
The Regions of Djibouti.png
CategoryUnitary state
LocationRepublic of Djibouti
Number6 Regions
  • Region government


The first administrative division of the territory, in 1914, defined two zones besides the city of Djibouti: the districts "Dankali" and "Issa". With the occupation of the territory at the end of the 1920s, the circles of Tadjoura and "Gobad-Dikkil" are created. In 1939, the circle of Ali Sabieh is extracted from the last. In 1963, Obock's circle was created by division of that of Tadjourah region.

In 1967, the circle of Djibouti is transformed into district, then divided into three districts.

After independence in 1977, the circles become regions. The last important modification of the administrative map of the territory is the creation of the region of Arta in 2003.


Region Area Population Administrative Centre
Djibouti Region 200 km2 748,000 Djibouti City
Ali Sabieh Region 2,400 km2 71,640 Ali Sabieh
Arta Region 1,800 km2 40,163 Arta
Dikhil Region 7,200 km2 83,409 Dikhil
Tadjourah Region 7,100 km2 89,567 Tadjoura
Obock Region 4,700 km2 37,856 Obock

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