Regional council of Centre-Val de Loire

The regional council of Centre-Val de Loire (French: conseil régional du Centre-Val de Loire) is a deliberative assembly composed of 77 councillors, elected to six-year terms. As a whole, the body represents the region of Centre-Val de Loire, France. The current president of the council is François Bonneau of the Socialist Party (PS).[1] A position he has held since 7 September 2007 and the resignation of fellow party member Michel Sapin. The regional council meets at the hôtel de région in Orléans, Loiret department. The building is located at 9, rue Saint-Pierre Lentin.

Regional council of Centre-Val de Loire

Conseil régional du Centre-Val de Loire
François Bonneau, (PS)
since 7 September 2007
Conseil régional Centre-Val de Loire 2015-2021.png
Last election
6 and 13 December 2015
Next election


Allocation of seatsEdit

Council seats are allocated by department, as follows:

Political groupsEdit

The current council is composed of four political groups:[2]

  • The Socialists, radicals and democrats list (PS - PRG - UDE) and the Environmentalists list (EÉLV) obtained an absolute majority of 40 seats out of 77. Composed of:
    • 31 Socialists, radicals and democrats list (PS - PRG - UDE),
    • and 9 seats for the Environmentalists list (EÉLV).
  • The Union of the right and centre list (UDI - LR - MoDem) receive 20 seats.
  • The National front list (FN) received 17 seats.



The current council president is François Bonneau of the Socialist Party (PS), first elected to the position in 2007.[1]

List of previous council presidents
President Party Term start Term end Notes
Region Centre (1974-2015)
Raymond Boisdé FNRI 1974 1976
Pierre Sudreau MR 1976 1979 Changed political affiliation while in office.
Jean Delaneau UDF-PR 1979 1983
Daniel Bernardet UDF 1983 17 March 1985
Maurice Dousset UDF-PR 17 March 1985 15 March 1998
Bernard Harang UDF-DL 15 March 1998 Resigned after being elected with support of the Front National
Lydie Gerbaud RPR 15 March 1998 Acting as doyenne d'âge
Michel Sapin PS 15 March 1998 27 March 2000 Resigned upon entry into government.
Jean Germain PS 27 March 2000 Acting as 1st Vice-President.
Alain Rafesthain PS 27 March 2000 2 April 2004
Michel Sapin PS 2 April 2004 7 September 2007 Resigned upon being elected to the National Assembly.
Jean Germain PS 7 September 2007 Acting as 1st Vice-President.
François Bonneau PS 7 September 2007 Present
Region Centre-Val de Loire (2015-)
François Bonneau PS 7 September 2007 Present


Currently, the regional council executive is also composed of 13 vice presidents.[1]

Title Name Party Delegate for Other mandates Department
1st vice president Marc Gricourt PS Finance, European funds, and personnel Mayor of Blois Loir-et-Cher
2nd vice president Cathy Munsch-Masset PS Education and apprentenship Indre-et-Loire
3rd vice president Benoît Faucheux EÉLV Environment and energy transition Indre-et-Loire
4th vice president Isabelle Gaudron PS Professional development, insertion, and orientation 1st deputy mayor of Amboise Indre-et-Loire
5th vice president Harold Huwart PRG Economic development, social and solidarity economic and agriculture Municipal councillor of Nogent-le-Rotrou Eure-et-Loir
6th vice president Anne Leclercq PS Health & social training and health 1st deputy mayor of Ouzouer-sur-Trézée Loiret
7th vice president Dominique Roullet PS Regional planning and digital governance 1st deputy mayor of Issoudun Indre
8th vice president Agnès Sinsoulier PS Culture Cher
9th vice president Philippe Fournié PS Transportation and intermodality Deputy mayor of Vierzon Cher
10th vice president Anne Besnier PS Higher education and research Vice president of the Communauté de communes des Loges, municipal councillor of Fay-aux-Loges, deputy senator for Jean-Pierre Sueur Loiret
11th vice president Charles Fournier EÉLV Democracy, citizen initiatives, rural development, cooperation, and equality Loir-et-Cher
12th vice president Christelle de Crémiers EÉLV Tourism, terroirs, and food Opposition municipal councillor of Gien Loiret
13th vice president Mohamed Moulay PS Sports Municipal councillor of Joué-lès-Tours Indre-et-Loire


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