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Regional Mexican is a Latin music radio format encompassing the musical styles originating in various rural parts of Mexico and derivatives originating in the United States. Sub genres included in the format include Banda, Duranguense, Grupero, Mariachi, New Mexico music, Norteño, Tejano and others.[1] It is the most popular radio format targeting Hispanic Americans in the United States.[2]

The large number of immigrants from Northern Mexico can lead to an emphasis upon Norteña on Regional Mexican radio stations,[1] though markets with larger Hispanic audiences can have multiple stations.

Regional Mexican artists, depending on their respective sub genres, typically perform traditional song styles of rural Mexican origins such as rancheras, corridos, sones, chilenas and huapangos, as well as folkloric song styles of international origins such as cumbias, charangas, ballads, boleros, salsas, bachatas, polkas, waltzes, chotis and redovas.


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Univision Radio owns Regional Mexican stations; it also has stations with other formats targeting a Hispanic audience, including Romántica and Balada (combining Romántica and Balada), International Pop Hits, Top 40, Tejano, and Tropical (featuring genres such as Salsa, Merengue and Cumbia).[1]

Festival RegiMex is a festival that was launched in 2012 to celebrate the Regional Mexican genre of music.

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