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Reginar III (c. 920 – 973) was Count of Hainaut from 940 to 958.

Reignar III
Count of Hainaut
Titles and styles
The Count of Hainaut
Died973 (aged 53)
Noble familyReginar
FatherReginar II, Count of Hainaut
MotherAdelaide of Burgundy

He was the son of Reginar II, Count of Hainaut.

Together with his brother Rodolphe, he took part in the rebellion of his uncle Gilbert, Duke of Lorraine. When Gilbert was killed in 939, Regnier had to pledge fealty to King Otto the Great.

He then allied himself with King Louis IV of France, but King Otto sent duke Hermann of Swabia to quell the rebels in 944.

Otto appointed Conrad the Red as duke of Lotharingia, who tried to diminish the power of Reginar. However, when Conrad rose against Otto, Reginar supported him. In an anarchic situation, Reginar appropriated the dowry of Gerberga of Saxony, Otto's sister and mother of the French king, and also church property.

In 953, Bruno, Archbishop of Cologne, who had also been appointed duke of Lotharingia, restored order and defeated Reginar.

As Reginar refused to submit, he was exiled to Bohemia, where he died.


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Preceded by
Reginar II
Count of Hainaut
Succeeded by
Godfrey I