Reginald Denham

Reginald Denham (10 January 1894 – 4 February 1983) was an English writer, theatre and film director, actor and film producer.

Reginald Denham
Born(1894-01-10)10 January 1894
Died4 February 1983(1983-02-04) (aged 89)
Theatre actor
Film director


Reginald H. F. Denham was born in London, England, in 1894.

He spent a good part of his career directing Broadway theatre, with a career spanning from the melodrama Rope's End (1929) by Patrick Hamilton, to the courtroom drama Hostile Witness (1966). In 1930 he produced the First World War drama Suspense in the West End.

He was married to Irish actress Moyna Macgill (1919–1924), English actress Lilian Oldland, and American actress and writer Mary Orr (from 1947 until his death). While they were married, Denham and Orr were writing partners. His daughter with Macgill, Isolde Denham, married actor Peter Ustinov when they were both 19.

He died following a stroke in Englewood, New Jersey.



Dark Hammock (1957) TV episode (play, with Mary Orr)
Ladies in Retirement (1954) TV episode (play, with Mary Orr)
Help Wanted (1956) TV episode (adaptation, with Mary Orr)
A Dash of Bitters (1954) TV episode (teleplay, with Mary Orr)
Suspect (1952) TV episode (play, with Mary Orr)
  • Mr. & Mrs. North (1952) TV series (unknown episodes)
  • Suspense (4 episodes, 1949–1950)
The Suicide Club (1950) TV episode
Help Wanted (1949) TV episode (with Mary Orr)
Murder Through the Looking Glass (1949) TV episode (teleplay)
Dead Ernest (1949) TV episode
  • Wallflower (1944) (play, with Mary Orr)[1]
  • Ladies in Retirement (1941) (play) (screenplay)
  • Suspect (1939) (TV)
  • Trunk Crime (1939) (play)
  • Calling the Tune (1936)
  • Ebb Tide (1932)
  • Hombre que asesinó, El (1931) (adaptation)
  • Stamboul (1931)


a.k.a. Queen of Crime (USA)
a.k.a. The Vanishing Train (USA: TV title)
a.k.a. Lieutenant Daring R.N.
a.k.a. Death at a Broadcast (USA)
a.k.a. Death of a Broadcast




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