Reformed Church of East Africa

The Reformed Church of East Africa was founded in 1944 when the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa started mission work in Eldoret Kenya. This work was overtaken by the missionaries came from the Netherlands Reformed Church. The church accepted the Three Forms of Unity. When the Dutch missionaries left, they left behind a Kenyan Reformed church. At the time it has more than 600 congregations and 110,000 members. The denomination has a theological seminary in Eldoret, The Reformed Institute For Theological Training (RITT). RITT offers courses in Theology.[1] The church become autonomous in 1963. There are more than 110,000 adherents.[2] The Christian Reformed Church in Eastern Africa separated in 1992.[3] It is a member of the World Communion of Reformed Churches.[4] It has official relationship with the Christian Reformed Church in North America.[5]

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Leaders Edit

The current[when?] Moderator is Rev David Letting (since 2019). Former Moderators include Rev Joshua Biboko, Rev Hosea Chemweno, Rev Geoffrey Songok and Rev Musa Maina. The current[when?] General Secretary is Rev Dr Luka Ariko Ekitala (since 2019). Former General Secretaries include Rev Justine Malkwen Mutai, Rev Henry Cleophas Wanjala, Rev Samson Akoru and Rev Jonah Kipngetich Lagat. The church is led by church elders. A group of local churches make a parish which makes a presbytery and in turn a group of presbytery makes a synod, which is the highest office in the church. A synod is headed by a church moderator. The church also has departments such as men's fellowship department, women's department, youth department, Sunday school department, education department, finance and investment department and people with different abilities department.

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