Redbank Gorge

Redbank Gorge (commonly Red Bank Gorge), is a gorge located in the Northern Territory of Australia, 156 km west of Alice Springs. It is situated at the bottom of Mount Sonder.[2] The gorge is part of the West MacDonnell National Park, which has an area of approximately 2,568 square kilometres (992 sq mi).

Redbank Gorge
Redbank Gorge - Northern Territory.jpeg
View of Redbank Gorge from nearby road
StateNorthern Territory
LocalityMount Zeil[1]
Coordinates23°45′00″S 132°58′43″E / 23.750082°S 132.978670°E / -23.750082; 132.978670Coordinates: 23°45′00″S 132°58′43″E / 23.750082°S 132.978670°E / -23.750082; 132.978670[1]


The area features camping facilities at the Woodland and Ridgetop campgrounds, which contain amenities such as a toilet and fire pit, however fees apply to use these locations.[3] The gorges can be accessed from the nearby Larapinta and Namatjira drives.[2]

An information board at the gorge's location on the Larapinta Trail.


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