Red Party (Dominican Republic)

The Red Party (Spanish: Partido Rojo), also known as the Party of the Regeneration (Spanish: Partido de la Regeneración)[1] and nicknamed together the Tailed Ones (Spanish: Los Coludos), was an historical Dominican political party from the late 19th century to the mid-20th century founded by Buenaventura Báez. Ramón Cáceres and Horacio Vásquez were the main leaders of this party in the 20th century,[2][3] and as such, during this time the followers of this party were also known as Horacistas.[4]

Red Party
Partido Rojo
Historic leadersBuenaventura Báez (first)
Ramón Cáceres (last)
Founded1865 (1865)
Banned1930 (1930)
HeadquartersSanto Domingo
IdeologyPaternalistic conservatism
Authoritarianism[citation needed]
Political positionCentre-right to right-wing
ReligionRoman Catholicism
Colors  Red
Election symbol

The symbol of this party, and where its name came from, was a rooster with its tail, where the rivals' symbol Los Bolos was tailless.[4] The Red Party was banned in 1930 after Rafael Trujillo's coup. Founded as a party supporting poor peasants and the low-income masses in urban areas, it was generally more popular amongst citizens than Los Bolos, which tended to be more associated with intellectuals. Its ideological heir is the Social Christian Reformist Party.[5]


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