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Recruitment advertising, also known as Recruitment communications and Recruitment agency, includes all communications used by an organization to attract talent to work within it.

Recruitment advertisements may be the first impression of a company for many people, and the first impression the firm makes goes a long way to determining interest in the job opening being advertised. Recruitment advertisements typically have a uniform layout and contain the following elements:

  • the job title heading and location
  • an explanatory paragraph describing the company, including the Employer Brand
  • a description of the position
  • entry qualifications
  • the remuneration package (not always provided by the employer)
  • further details and from where application forms may be sought

When faced with hiring many roles, corporate employers have many channels and options to choose from. They may:

  • A retained search firm
  • A contingency search firm
  • Retain a recruitment process outsourcing organization
  • Use a candidate fulfillment service
  • Retain a recruitment advertising agency
  • Retain a specialist interactive recruitment advertising agency
  • Leverage old media to advertise their openings (print, radio and television)
  • Leverage job boards
  • Leverage new media
  • Invest in additional internal resources

Each of these channels has its benefits and many firms will use a mix of some or all of the above options.

The use of a specialist recruitment advertising agency enables organisations to receive professional advice on media, design and copywriting specifically related to the recruitment process. This enables their advertisement to stand out in the relevant publication and build an employment brand. Advertisers are now able to use micro-sites to put most of the job content and allowing the advert to be more creative with minimal copy. Recruitment advertising has now developed into a speciality service where most leading organisations use the services of a specialist agency.

The way companies hunt for talent is changing[citation needed] and this had led to sites that freelancers can sign up to and get to bid on jobs advertised; they are normally free to join but the agency will take between 10% and 25% of what applicants earn.

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