Reckoning War

Reckoning War is an American comic book event written by Dan Slott with art by Marco Checchetto, published from February to June 2022 by Marvel Comics. This story deals with the Fantastic Four clashing with The Reckoning, a group of aliens derived from a mysterious race called The Prosilicans, who orchestrate multiple alien invasions causing a catastrophic cosmic war, which also features Uatu, Nick Fury, Doctor Doom, Silver Surfer, She-Hulk, and Jack of Hearts.[1][2][3][4] The event received mixed reviews from critics, with critics critizing Dan Slott's writing and art.

"Reckoning War"
PublisherMarvel Comics
Publication dateFebruary – June 2022
Main character(s)Fantastic Four
Doctor Doom
Jack of Hearts
Nick Fury
Silver Surfer
The Reckoning
Creative team
Writer(s)Dan Slott
Artist(s)Rachael Slott
Penciller(s)Carlos Pacheco
Letterer(s)Joe Caramagna
Colorist(s)Guru-eFX, Jesus Aburtov
Editor(s)C. B. Cebulski

Plot SummaryEdit


She-Hulk is taken by the Time Variance Authority due to her actions in the future. The Time Variance Authority take her to the future where her actions will cause a war between Earth and mysterious beings which will cause The Watchers to break their non-intervention oath. During the trial, She-hulk is allowed to continue existing thanks to the Time Variance Authority seeing how much of an effect She-hulk has on different people.[5]

After the events of Empyre, Nick Fury is observing the Fantastic Four and Avengers celebrating when Uatu appears out of Nick Fury's eye socket as he investigates those ancient weapons, and tells him that there shall be a reckoning.[6] As Uatu recovers his home base, he opens his mind to Nick Fury while exploring the visual archives known as the Cyclopedia Universum, where Uatu learns that his siblings bonded Nick Fury with him, where Nick Fury was silently watching the universe. Uatu explains that there is a Reckoning War coming, and everyone needs to prepare.[7] After helping the TVA deal with Kang the Conqueror's multiple variants, Reed Richards overhears the TVA talk about Reckoning War.[8]

Main PlotEdit

The Prosilicans are revealed by Uatu to be the enemy who supplied the Coati during Empyre. A billion years ago, the Prosilicans were one of the first alien races the Watchers (also known as Luminous) provided technical support. As their civilization continually thrive due to their lack of ethics, the Prosilicans got greedy and sought to use the Watcher's technology to take over planets creating nuclear weapons and warfare, which caused an all-out war throughout the entire cosmos. The Luminous manage to defeat the Prosilicans but only by destroying nine-tenth of the universe resulting from the toxic fallout of the First War. After their defeat, the Prosilicans were decimated after the Watchers sealed them away from the universe following the creation of an isolated toxic wasteland known as the Barrens. As the Luminous made their vow of non-interference and changed their titles as Watchers, the remaining Prosilicans survive and establish the group to spread chaos throughout the galaxy renaming themselves "The Reckoning" as they swore revenge against the Watchers who imprisoned them. In the present day, the Reckonings are now supplying a group of aliens called the Badoon to invade Earth. Uatu sends out a call for the other Watchers, however, the Reckoning instructs the Badoon to blow up Uatu's headquarters on the Moon. Spider-Man, Avengers, X-Men, Champions, and Fantastic Four help save civilians from the moon rubble falling to Earth while dealing with the Badoon invasion. She-Hulk sees the TVA observing the chaos before disappearing while Jack of Hearts got confused about someone she was talking to, and Silver Surfer, along with Griever At The End of All Things, discovers an agonized Eternity (the living embodiment of the Marvel Universe) who was on his deathbed poisoned by the catastrophic cosmic war the Prosilicans orchestrated. The Queen of Nevers (who is nursing Eternity) instructs Surfer to venture off and find a mysterious remedy to save Eternity from dying. The Fantastic Four meet up with Nick Fury, and Reed Richards accesses Uatu's mind to understand what is going on. Having manifested by Uatu's Cyclopedia Universum, Reed's mind began to deteriorate his emotions and personality into a cold and calculating person when he released the universe is at stake. Meanwhile, Wrath, the Reckonings' leader, devises a plan to incite a cosmic war to take down Watchers as he sends the Badoons to Earth.[9]

In Raj-Lek, Wrath slaughters all the Recluses, including the Watcher Qyre as he taunts him for his eternal silence and non-interference, while Reed Richards broadcasts a message to all the heroes on Earth to help them fight this invasion and contact Silver Surfer. After gazing at Eternity, Surfer informs Reed and the team that the Prosilicans gave Watcher-level technology to lesser-known Warlike conquerors causing multiple invasions and chaos throughout the cosmos: Badoons invading Earth, Morani assaulting Shi'ar Empire, Mekkans laying waste to Kree-Skrull Alliance, and Annihilation Wave attacking planet Spyre (home of the cosmic ray hosts known as the Unparalleled). With Johnny Storm flying off to help Spyricans, Jack Harts volunteering for assistance, Susan Storm disappearing out of sight, and Nick Fury teleporting to Watchers' Homebase of Planet T-37X, Reed Richards tells everyone to go help out the Watcher fight off the Prosilicans as best as they could. Meanwhile, Doctor Doom arrives at Camp Hammond to retrieve a powerful weapon that can help him provide live bait.[10]

At Watchers' home base, Uatu arrives after surviving the explosion and tried to convince other Watchers to take down the Prosilicans from rising again, however, he was imprisoned by his father, Ikor. Reed, Thing, She-hulk, and Jack of Hearts arrive in Shi'ar space to protect the M'kraan Crystal but they were too late when they discover the army of Morani under the leadership of Rapture and Reject of the Reckoning invertedly defeated the Imperial Guards. The Thing recognizes her from his future vision that she is the one who might kill him as he pleads to Reed and Reed tells Thing that him accessing Uatu's mind will cause him to die in three days. During the battle, Rapture gravely injured the Thing as she takes the crystal along with Reject, and She-Hulk realizes why this is her fault after learning where they are heading. Silver Surfer and Thor meet up in Asgard along with other former heralds as they fuse Destroyer and Galactus together into a single sentient being known as Destruction. Using the Ultimate Nullifier as conduct, the Surfer lures Destruction to confront the Reckoning as he departs Asgard to save Eternity. Johnny Storm arrives on planet Spyre and successfully defeats Annihilus by taking his control rod and his ships while sparing him. Storm learned that Sky and Citadel are soulmates now and acknowledged Citadel as her hero. So, he ask Unparalleled for his help and they all agreed.[11]

The Badoons led by Ruin of the Reckoning attack and storm the Baxter Building, in which Reed received contact from Valeria and instruct her to initiate Protocol: Zero. After Reed Richards and Jack heal The Thing, he confesses to Thing that Reed's children (Franklin Richards, Valeria Richards), Alicia Masters, and their children (N'kalla and Jo-Venn) self-destructed the building to help stall the Proscilians. Arriving at Raj-Lek, She-Hulk reveals to Jack Of Hearts that she was a judge siding with a group of aliens called the Recluses to hide from The Watchers, by removing Qyre's mouth to silence him, from their privacy which also caused the Reckoning War in the first place.[12]

She-Hulk and Jack Of Hearts encounter Wrath but are quickly defeated, while Ben, enraged by Reed's confession, nearly beats Reed to death until Reed shows the video of Grimm's family alive. As Ben is tearfully relieved, Reed explains that he never caused their kids to self-destruct, and only did a decoy to make sure The Thing was not distracted as Reed notices that Ben is often unfocused when fighting the enemy. Wraith sets up a trap leaving Reed and Thing stranded within the Barrens with She-Hulk and Jack of Hearts. Doctor Doom uses the artifact to summon a mysterious being to take down the Proscilians. Johnny and the Unparalleled arrive at Anelle-vell, capital of the Kree-Skrull empire, to provide aid for Wiccan and Emperor Hulking along with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Starjammers to fend off against the Mekkan army.[13]

From the Baxter Building, it is revealed that Franklin, Valeria, Alicia, N'kalla, and Jo-Venn were unharmed and The Protocol: Zero is meant as a failsafe to sabotage the Forever gate preventing Ruin from gaining access to it. Ruin reveals to them that the Prosicilans' plan is not to destroy the universe but to gain control of three existing Nexuses of Reality, including the M'kraan crystal. As Ruin departs with the remaining Badoon, Franklin and Valeria follow him right before the Forever Gate permanently shuts down much to Alicia's concerns. On planet Earth, the alien warrior known as Cormorant arrives to retrieve his armor under the instruction of his master, Helmsman. Along the way to locating those missing parts, he overpowers the Great Lakes Avengers, Gauntlet, and Southpaw as he brutally strips their gauntlets and Grasshopper's chausses before his encounter with Doctor Doom. While confronting Cormorant in Everglades, Doctor Doom realizes that the Tactigon, the weapon he stole from Camp Hammond, was the Watcher-Level technology Helmsman sought to retrieve and the Cormorant was a veteran during the First War much to Helmsman's underestimation of Doom's intelligence. Doom persuades Cormorant to aid him as his ally to fight against the Reckoning as he summons the Helmsman and kills him in exchange for his freedom, and Cormorant accepts his offer with respect.

Johnny Storm gathers everyone from across the universe, including Ego, to unite against the Reckoning who orchestrated the war against them. After reuniting with She-Hulk and Jack of Hearts in the Barrens, Reed clarifies to Ben that there is no way out of the Barrens even though he has Watchers' knowledge, the Watchers cannot teleport them from here. Now fully armed with M'krann crystal shards for his armor, Wraith and his army arrive at the Watchers' home base to initiate the attack after killing the Watcher guard while Ikor (who is aware of the Prosilicans' invasion) refuses to delay the Cyclopedia Universum and sends Emnu to Dar-Kenda to check on "The Apex on All Reality". As Fury attempts to free Uatu from torture, the new vision appears and displayed a shocking truth: After alternate Reed killed Galactus, the Zero Energy which Galactus sustains began to grow unstable resulting in Earth's catastrophic disaster as well as the entire universe. Uatu is finally confirmed that his interference invertedly saves everyones' lives and Ikor has been lying to him this entire time despite his doubts. Emnu arrives and attacks them until he was stunned by Invisible Woman. Susan revealed that she's been following Fury this whole time as well as spying on the Watchers. During her mission, she overheard Ikor instructions and follows Emnu to "The Apex". Uatu explains to them that "The Apex of All Reality" is a gateway to multiple possibilities which the Watchers observed any What If worlds they can imagine. Uatu also revealed that the Watchers were originating from Planet Lumina which is now destroyed during the First War and Planet T-39X is "Apex's" Homeworld. After the First War and their encounter with "The Apex", the Watcher settled on T-37X as their new home and decide to safeguard it from outside threats. Susan deduces that Reed and Ikor both foresaw the Reckoning's plan on taking control of "The Apex", which they were trying to prevent.[14]

Uatu grew suspicious about the Watcher's secrecy as he look into Emnu's mind and was shocked to learn that Emnu is responsible for obliterating nine-tenth of the universe. It is revealed that Emnu created the Ultimate Nullifier, which he used to help eradicate the Prosilicans and end the First War. Uatu confirmed that the Watchers were responsible for the destruction, which was also the main cause of their vow of non-inference. In outer space, the Surfer receives warning from the Never-Queen, the Griever, and the Eternity about the Reckoning's arrival for The Apex as he outpaces Destruction to Watchers' homeworld for stalling the Reckoning while leaving his cosmic trace behind. Valeria hijacked the Forever Gate and set up a trap for Ruins and his soldiers in the Thought Space, a dimension where a person's every thought manifested into a reality, allowing Franklin to summon his reality-warping powers to subdue them. Meanwhile, in the Barrens, the side-effect of Cyclopedia Universum causes Reed's brain to begin to expand transforming him into a Watcher-like being which allows him to bestow the Wacthers' power and increased intelligence learning that he has less than ten hours from dying. This side effect allows Reed to rebuild the Forever Gate and requires a Zero Energy to activate it, which Jack-Of-Hearts have the power to summon Zero energy. As Reed and Ben depart, She-Hulk opposes this but Jack, however, chooses to remain stranded within the Barrens as he blasts her to the Forever Gate. In Planet T-37x, the Reckoning encounters the Watcher as Wraith tosses the shard releasing the Barrens' toxic gas to them as a reminder of his people's suffering. While arriving on Planet T-37X, The Surfer reunites with Reed, Thing, and She-Hulk along with Sue Storm, Fury, and Uatu to help the Watchers as Reed confesses to the team that he is dying from Watcher's knowledge and kept his secret from them. Uatu understood this as he tries to reconnect with his people by revealing the truth of Emnu's action and Watchers' responsibilities while Fury stays to protect him. Doom and Commorant arrived in time to confront the Reckoning, in which Commorant tore Reject apart, Rapture disarmed Doom, and Wraith subdue Commorant by reprogramming his armor. As Rapture is about to kill Doom, the Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer arrive to make their final stand against them, and Wraith informs Rapture to retrieve the Nullifier while the Thing challenges her for a rematch with Susan swapping Rapture's blade. As the team tried to prevent Wraith from reaching "The Apex", Reed sensed the Destruction's arrival preparing the destroy the planet. Johnny Storm and the galactic alliances arrive on time to stall Destruction allowing Johnny to rejoin his team. However, Wraith overwhelms them while Reed made his confession to Sue about his realization. After defeating Rapture, The Thing manages to recover the Nullifier and send it to Reed before passing out. As Wraith approaches "The Apex Of All Reality" to reclaim it, Reed Richards sacrifices himself by activating the Ultimate Nullifier which erases everything from existence. [15]


While Uatu was imprisoned in Dar-kenda (Watcher's Prison), Ikor takes Uatu to "The Seat Of All Knowledge" for interrogation. When he extracts Uatu's visions, Ikor suspects that Uatu has been hiding one What if vision he never wanted to show anyone about it: "What if Uatu the Watcher had never interfered?" In this alternate universe, Silver Surfer arrives on Earth and sends the message allowing Galactus to invade Earth without Uatu's warning of the upcoming threat, and the Fantastic Four were overwhelmed by Galactus's power without Uatu providing information, preparation, and support, which they did not learn about the Ultimate Nullifier that can stop Galactus from destroying Earth. Their battle with Galactus and the Surfer left Susan suffering from blindness, Reed's body melting, Johnny burning, and Ben undergoing multiple cracks and scars. Instead of using the Ultimate Nullifier, Reed built a device, known as the Ultimate Nullification ray, that helps kill Galactus without knowing the consequence of Galactus's presence and Surfer departs in relief without acknowledging the lessons of humanity, leaving the alternate version of Uatu's satisfaction of non-intervention. Realizing the vision Uatu saw is confoundedly false, he pleads with Ikor to release him. However, Ikor ignores him as he brainwashed him and falsely claimed that Uatu's intervention was a mistake, forcing Uatu to submit in despair and regret. After hearing the conversation about the Great Gathering and Ikor's tolerance of Uatu's warning, Fury decides to free Uatu without any Watchers detecting his presence.

Reading OrderEdit

  • Fantastic Four (2018 series) #39 (Prelude)
  • Fantastic Four: Reckoning War Alpha #1
  • Fantastic Four (2018 series) #40
  • Fantastic Four (2018 series) #41
  • Reckoning War: Trial of the Watcher #1 (Tie-in)
  • Fantastic Four (2018 series) #42
  • Fantastic Four (2018 series) #43
  • Fantastic Four (2018 series) #44
  • Fantastic Four (2018 series) #45 (Epilogue) [16]

Critical ReceptionEdit

According to Comic Book Roundup, Fantastic Four Reckoning War Alpha #1 received an average rating of 7.5 out of 10 based on 6 reviews. [17]

According to Comic Book Roundup, Fantastic Four Issue 40 received an average rating of 7.7 out of 10 based on 6 reviews. [18]

According to Comic Book Roundup, Fantastic Four Issue 41 received an average rating of 6.7 out of 10 based on 3 reviews. [19]

According to Comic Book Roundup, Fantastic Four Issue 42 received an average rating of 7.3 out of 10 based on 5 reviews. [20]

According to Comic Book Roundup, Fantastic Four Issue 43 received an average rating of 7 out of 10 based on 5 reviews. [21]

According to Comic Book roundup, Fantastic four Issue 44 received an average rating of 5 out of 10 based on 2 reviews. [22]

Collected editionsEdit

Title Material collected Published date ISBN
Fantastic Four Vol. 10: Reckoning War Part I Fantastic Four (vol. 6) #40-42, Fantastic Four: Reckoning War Alpha, Reckoning War: Trial of The Watcher July 2022 978-1302932626
Fantastic Four Vol. 11: Reckoning War Part II Fantastic Four (vol. 6) #43-46 November 2022 978-1302946548


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