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Rebecca Hensler founded the social media and internet support group "Grief Beyond Belief" for grieving people who do not believe in God or an afterlife in 2011.[1][2][3] She was encouraged to found it by atheist activist Greta Christina.[2] Hensler's own son Jude died in 2009 after ninety days of life.[4] Hensler also published a book called The Secular Grief Support Handbook.[5]

Rebecca Hensler
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Aside from her atheist activism, she helped found ACT UP San Francisco, but left when new leaders that discouraged HIV testing and medications took over.[6]

Hensler has a BA in political activism and a MS in counseling.[7] She works as a school counselor at a public middle school in San Francisco, and lives in the Bay Area with her wife.[8]

Hensler has multiple sclerosis.[9]


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