Ray Bridwell White

Ray Bridwell White (August 24, 1892 – November 5, 1946) was the son of Alma White, the leader of the Pillar of Fire Church in Zarephath, New Jersey.[1][2] He was nominated to be a Bishop shortly after his mother died in 1946, but was too ill to attend the ordination ceremony and died shortly thereafter.[3]

Ray Bridwell White
Ray Bridwell White circa 1940-1945.jpg
White circa 1940-1945
Born(1892-08-24)August 24, 1892
DiedNovember 5, 1946(1946-11-05) (aged 54)
Resting placeFairmount Cemetery
EducationColumbia University (A.B., 1917)
OccupationPillar of Fire Church
Spouse(s)Grace E. Miller
Parent(s)Alma Bridwell White
Kent White (1860-1940)
RelativesArthur Kent White, brother


White was born on August 24, 1892 in Denver, Colorado, to Alma Bridwell (1862-1946) and Kent White (1860-1940).[4] He had a brother, Arthur Kent White (1889-1981).[5]

The church was started by his mother, Alma Bridwell White, in Denver. He attended Columbia University and graduated in 1917.[6] Alma White died on June 26, 1946.

Ray died on November 5, 1946 in Zarephath, New Jersey and was buried in Fairmount Cemetery in Denver.[3][1]


  • The false Christ of communism and the social gospel: an answer to the Dean of Canterbury who says Russian communism is Christianity in practice. Zarephath, NJ: Pillar of Fire. 1946. ISBN 1-4191-3000-5.
  • The Truth in Satire Concerning Infallible Popes, The Good Citizen, 1929.
  • "Eternal security" insecure: Or the heresy of "once in grace always in grace".
  • The legend of Manitousa and other poems, Hank and other sketches.
  • Doctrines and discipline of the Pillar of Fire Church. (1918) revised 1923, 1926


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