Ray, Goodman & Brown

Ray, Goodman & Brown is an American R&B vocal group. The group originated as The Moments, who formed in the mid-1960s and whose greatest successes came in the 1970s with hits including "Love on a Two-Way Street", "Sexy Mama" and "Look at Me (I'm in Love)". In 1979, for contractual reasons they changed their name to Ray, Goodman & Brown and had further hits, including "Special Lady".

Ray, Goodman & Brown
Ray, Goodman & Brown promo photo and back cover for "Moments With You" album
Ray, Goodman & Brown promo photo and back cover for "Moments With You" album
Background information
Also known asThe Moments
OriginWashington, D.C., U.S.
GenresR&B, soul
Years active1965–1978 (The Moments)
1978–present (Ray, Goodman & Brown)
LabelsStang, Polydor, EMI
  • Billy Brown*
  • Kevin 'Ray' Owens*
Larry Winfree
Past membersAl Goodman (deceased)*
Harry Ray (deceased)*
Mark Greene
Eric Olfus, Sr. (deceased)
Richard Gross
Harold "Eban" Brown
John Morgan (deceased)
Johnny Moore (deceased)
Solomon Cunningham
Huitt Cunningham
Lorin Brown.
*Original Ray, Goodman & Brown members

The original MomentsEdit

Early yearsEdit

The original members of the Moments were Eric Olfus Sr., Richard Gross (often incorrectly listed as "Richard Horsley") and John Morgan. The Moments formed in Washington, D.C. during the mid-1960s. In 1965, at Washington D.C.'s Howard University, the Mizell Brothers and Freddie Perren (along with schoolmate Toby Jackson) founded Hog Records and signed the harmony group as the Moments. The Moments recorded "Baby I Want You" and "Pray For Me" for Hog.[1] The lineup consisted of Olfus, Gross and Morgan.

As The Moments in 1970. From left: Johnny 'Moe' Moore, Billy Brown and Al Goodman.

Mark Greene joined after the single's release. The group then signed with the newly established Stang Records label, set up by Sylvia Robinson at All Platinum Studios in Englewood, New Jersey with her husband Joe. The group had its first hit almost immediately late in 1968 with "Not On The Outside", which reached #13 on the R&B chart and #57 on the Billboard Hot 100 (with Greene on lead vocal). Robinson then hired a management firm headed by radio stars Frankie Crocker, Herb Hamlett and Eddie O'Jay. The trio began promoting the Moments and booking them for live events in major cities. When Hamlett moved to WCMF in Rochester, New York, he booked the Moments exclusively. In the later part of 1968, Greene, Olfus and Gross left All Platinum Records.

Goodman, Brown & MorganEdit

In 1968, Al Goodman (after a couple of performances with The Corvettes and The Vipers) was hired by Joe Robinson as a studio-production creative assistant, singer and songwriter. On recordings, he played the substitute role of Mickey (in Mickey & Sylvia, of whom Sylvia Robinson was formerly one-half).[2]

The group quickly scaled down to a trio after one live appearance at the Apollo Theater as a quartet replaced by baritone Goodman and new lead singer William "Billy" Brown while Morgan stayed on. Brown was a member of The Broadways, who had recorded on the MGM label).

Early hitsEdit

In 1969, Goodman, Brown and Morgan released 4 R&B hit singles with Brown on lead. The first was released in March entitled, "Sunday", (No. 13 R&B & No. 90 Pop), then "I Do", their first top 10 R&B hit, (No. 10 R&B, and No. 62 Pop), "I'm So Lost" (No. 43 R&B), and "Lovely Way She Loves" (No. 14 R&B), which was written by Goodman, Brown and Sylvia.[3][4]

Their debut album was released in 1969 entitled, "Not On The Outside, But On The Inside, Strong!". The album became a Top Ten Hit appearing on Billboard's R&B Album chart for twenty-two weeks and peaked at No. 8 on July 4, 1970.[5]

In 1970, The Moments released 3 top 10 R&B hits that included their biggest hit to date, "Love On A Two Way Street". The song had originally been recorded by Stang artist Lezli Valentine, but failed to chart. The Moments' song enter Billboard's R&B chart on March 28, 1970 appearing for seven-teen weeks and peaking at No. 1 on May 16. It also became a Top 5 on Billboard's Hot 100 peaking at No. 3 after fifteen weeks on that chart.[6][7]

Ray's arrivalEdit

After the recording of "Love On A Two Way Street" and before it became a hit, Morgan was briefly replaced by Sylvia Robinson's brother-in-law Johnny Moore (not to be confused with the Drifters' singer) in 1970. He appeared with Goodman and Brown on the cover of the group's second album cover, however Moore was absent from their live performances. Goodman and Brown worked as a duo until new arrival Harry Ray (December 15, 1946 – October 1, 1992)[8] rounded out the trio that would become the longest lineup as The Moments.

While Brown recovered from vocal overuse, Ray sang lead on the Moments' subsequent hits including the other two releases of 1970 "If I Didn’t Care" (No. 7 R&B, No. 44 pop), and "All I Have" (No. 9 R&B and No. 56 Pop). After Brown recovered, they released five top 40 R&B hits [9] with him and Ray sharing lead vocal duties, while Goodman served as spokesman for the group. They released their second album in 1970 entitled, "A Moment With The Moments" that peaked at No. 39 on the R&B Billboard Album chart on December 12, 1970.[10] Their album entitled, On Top was released in 1971,that included their hit singles, "All I Have" "I Can't Help It", "To You with Love" and "Lucky Me", however the album didn't make the charts.

In 1972, The Monments recorded a live album from a women's prison entitled, "Live at the New York State Women's Prison" It peaked at No. 25 on Billboard's R&B album chart.[11] They also released two Top 40 singles, "Just Because He Wants to Make Love (Doesn't Mean He Loves You)" (No. 25 R&B) and "My Thing" (No. 19 R&B).

In 1973, they released, "Gotta Find A Way" (No. 16 R&B and No. 68 Pop) and another top 10 R&B hit, "Sexy Mama" written by Goodman, Ray and S. Robinson (#3 R&B, #17 pop). They also recorded a duet with Sylvia Robinson and Ray on lead, "Sho Nuff Boogie" (credited as Sylvia and the Moments).

After a couple of more singles, the group hit the top of the R&B chart again in 1975 with the single, "Look At Me (I'm In Love)". The song appeared nine-teen weeks on Billboard's R&B chart peaking at No.1, and No. 39 on the Hot 100 on June 28, 1975).[12]

The Moments were co-credited with labelmates The Whatnauts on their hit "Girls (Part 1)"; it reached #25 on the U.S. R&B charts and became one of their biggest international successes, reaching #3 on the UK Singles Chart in 1975. Ray and Goodman were strongly involved in writing and producing much of the Moments' material from the mid-1970s, as well as producing and writing for The Whatnauts.

By 1979, the group had had a total of 27 R&B chart hits and decided to leave Stang, signing with the larger Polydor Records label. A legal dispute arose, barring them from using "The Moments" on their new label, so they renamed the group with their last names: Ray, Goodman & Brown.[13]

Ray, Goodman & BrownEdit

The first single under their new name, "Special Lady", became one of their biggest hits, reaching No. 1 on the R&B chart and No. 5 on the pop chart in early 1980, earning them a gold record.[14] The song was written by, Goodman, Ray and Lee Walter. The B-side featured “Déjà Vu”, featured lyrics by Bob Natiello and music by Lou Toby. Their debut self titled album, "Ray, Goodman & Brown" became a big hit as well giving them their first gold album.[15] They followed up with more hits, including "Inside Of You" (No. 14 R&B, 1980). In 1982, following the release of their fourth (and final) Polydor album, Harry Ray left to pursue a solo career and was replaced by Kevin "Ray" Owens, a backing vocalist for Luther Vandross. Harry Ray re-joined Sylvia and Joe Robinson at their new venture (Sugar Hill Records), but after one album and a minor hit, "Sweet Baby," he rejoined Goodman and Brown in 1983 for their comeback on EMI with the ballad "Take It To the Limit" (which put them back on the R&B charts at #8 in 1987). In 1991, Brown's nephew, Harold "Eban" Brown, former vocalist for The Delfonics, became the lead vocalist for Ray, Goodman & Brown. He stayed for two and a half years before joining The Manhattans and became lead vocalist for The Stylistics in 2000.

Ray, Goodman & Brown in 1996


Harry Ray suffered a fatal stroke and died on October 1, 1992 at aged 45, and he was again replaced in the group by Kevin "Ray" Owens. Occasionally solo artist Greg Willis joined Ray, Goodman and Brown in performances (and later on records), but never became a full-time member. Vocalist Wade "Silky" Elliott also did a stint, before signing a solo contract with CBS Records during the 1990s and temporarily joining Blue Magic. With Owens' return, the trio continued to perform and tour as Ray, Goodman & Brown. They released two albums in 2002 and 2003, one with new material, and the other featuring re-workings of soul songs by other male vocal groups. These albums reunited them with former All-Platinum producer George Kerr. In one of their public appearances, they teamed with Gerald Alston to perform The Manhattans' hit "Kiss And Say Goodbye".

In 2003, Goodman, Brown, Owens and Winfree sang backup vocals for Alicia Keys song "You Don't Know My Name", which was a #1 soul/R&B song in 2003. Alicia was so impressed with their vocals that she took them on tour with her. Recalls Brown: "We did every major TV show in the country — 'Good Morning America,' 'The View,' Jay Leno. When she played Madison Square Garden with Missy Elliott and Beyonce, she had us with her. I gave her the name of 'Our Angel.' She is Ray, Goodman & Brown's angel. She came along when things were kind of slow for us. I love her. I really do."[16]

In 2008, Owens, Goodman and Brown continued to record together and tour (sometimes with vocalist Larry "Ice" Winfree), performing hits from both the Moments and Ray, Goodman and Brown.

Recent yearsEdit

On July 26, 2010 Goodman died at the age of 67.[17]

In 2012, Harold "Eban" Brown rejoined remaining original member Billy Brown to re-record The Moments Greatest Hits - Volume 1. It was released in April 2014 on the Universal Music Group label - featuring the vocals of Harold "Eban" Brown and Billy Brown only.

In 2014, Winfree was officially welcomed into the group as the replacement for Goodman, with Owens and Brown, bringing the group back to its regular trio status.[18]

In 2016 Brown suffered a stroke.[19] Fortunately, after a short absence Brown fully recovered and continued to perform.

In February 2019, Ray, Goodman & Brown performed on the Soul Train Cruise.[20]

As of 2020, Billy Brown continues to perform keeping the legacy of Ray, Goodman & Brown alive as the remaining surviving member.

The Moments featuring Mark GreeneEdit

Mark Greene was called back to join the renamed Ray, Goodman & Brown; however, he declined, claiming that no royalties were ever paid him. His website displays information about the original group: the founding members, and a photograph of the quartet before Robinson reorganized the act. He released a self-produced CD project entitled Love Is More Than Spoken on the FAJR label. There was also a CD release on FAJR entitled Unspoken Moments by the Moments featuring Mark Greene picturing Greene, Johnny Moore and Gross (aka Horsley) on the cover; Greene later acquired the trademark for the Moments name. Now known as "The Moments featuring Mark Greene", he released 'Urban Legacy' in 2000 which featured tracks recorded in 1967 and featuring : Solomon Cunningham, Huitt Cunningham and Loren Brown. This group without Huitt Cunningham were performing and touring with Greene at the beginning of the 21st century.[21]


Television appearancesEdit

Soul Train[22][23]

  • January 13, 1973 / season 2 episode 16
  • October 6, 1973 / season 3 episode 7
  • May 11, 1974 / season 3 episode 31 / The Moments w/Sylvia
  • December 7, 1974 / season 4 episode 12
  • December 25, 1976 / season 6 episode 19
  • May 24, 1980 / Season 9 episode 29
  • December 6, 1980 / season 10 episode 12
  • April 6, 1985 / season 14 episode 24

American Bandstand[24][25]

  • October 17. 1970 / season 14 episode 7
  • March 23, 1974 / Season 17 Episode 29
  • March 29, 1980 / Season 23 episode 19

The Merv Griffin Show

  • April 16, 1980 / season 17 episode 17 [26]

The Mike Douglas Show

  • May 7, 1980 / season 18 episode 151[27]

The Midnight Special

  • October 24, 1980 / season 9 episode 8[28]

The Toni Tennille Show

  • October 27, 1980 / season 1 episode 30[29]

The John Davidson Show

  • December 1, 1980 / season 1 episode 110[30]


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