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The Rauchua (Russian: Раучуа, also: Большая Бараниха Bolshaya Baranikha) is a river in Far East Siberia, Russia. It is 323 kilometres (201 mi) long, and has a drainage basin of 15,400 square kilometres (5,900 sq mi).[1]

Chukchi Sea5RAU.png
Location of the Rauchua course
Physical characteristics
MouthEast Siberian Sea
 • coordinates
69°29′56″N 166°43′11″E / 69.4988°N 166.7196°E / 69.4988; 166.7196Coordinates: 69°29′56″N 166°43′11″E / 69.4988°N 166.7196°E / 69.4988; 166.7196
Length323 km (201 mi)
Basin size15,400 km2 (5,900 sq mi)

Remains of frozen mammoths have been found near the Rauchua.[2]


Its source is in the Ilirney Range. It passes through the sparsely populated areas of the Siberian tundra and flows northwards into the Kolyma Gulf, East Siberian Sea, not far west from Ayon Island.

The Rauchua and its tributaries belong to the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug administrative region of Russia.


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