Raspall singles championship

The Campionat Individual de Raspall (Valencian for Raspall Singles Championship) is the Valencian pilota Raspall modality singles league played by professional pilotaris.

Statistics edit

Year Winner Runner-up Score City
2006 Coeter II Agustí 25-5 Bellreguard
2005 Waldo La Llosa de Ranes
2004 Waldo Juan 25-10 Oliva
2003 Not played
2002 Waldo Oliva
2001 Gorxa Daimús
2000 Waldo Moro Oliva
1999 Gorxa Waldo Daimús
1998 Carlos Gorxa Oliva
1997 Gorxa Juan Gràcia Daimús
1996 Carlos Armando Oliva
1995 Juan Carlos El Genovés
1994 Juan Pasqual II El Genovés
1993 Pasqual II Loripet El Genovés
1992 Pasqual II Juan El Genovés
1991 Pasqual II Diego El Genovés
1990 Pasqual II Coeter El Genovés
1989 Coeter Loripet Simat de la Valldigna
1988 Diego Loripet Oliva
1987 Pepito Sevi Oliva
1986 Pepito Malonda II Oliva

Campionat Individual de Raspall relevant facts edit

  • 2003: The competition was not played.
  • 2006: Coeter II is the first mitger who wins a competition that looked to be only for dauers (despite the runners-up Agustí, and Moro the year 2000).

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