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Rashtriya Lok Dal (abbreviated as RLD) (translation: National People's Party) is a political party in India. Chaudhary Ajit Singh is a founder and the president of the party. He is carrying on the political legacy of his father and former Prime Minister of India, Charan Singh and the original Lok Dal.[2]

Rashtriya Lokdal
Leader Ajit Singh
Founder Ajit Singh
Founded 1996
Preceded by Lok Dal
Headquarters Baghpat
ECI Status State Party
Alliance UPA
Seats in Lok Sabha
0 / 545
[1](currently 537 members + 1 Speaker)
Seats in Rajya Sabha
0 / 245
Seats in  Uttar Pradesh
1 / 403
Election symbol
Indian Election Symbol Hand Pump.png


Election performanceEdit

RLD is considered influential in the western region of Uttar Pradesh.[3]

In 2002, party had two cabinet ministers in chief minister Ms. Mayawati's cabinet.[4] From 2003 to 2007, the party had six ministers in the Uttar Pradesh government.[citation needed] The party's official electoral symbol is a hand pump.[5]

In 2004 Lok Sabha elections, RLD contested in alliance with the Samajwadi Party. RLD contested only in the western part of Uttar Pradesh traditionally dominated by Jats. RLD won three seats.[6]

In 2009 Lok Sabha elections, RLD contested on seven seats on western Uttar Pradesh, in an alliance with the Bhartiya Janta Party, and won five seats.[3]

On 12 December 2011, RLD joined the United Progressive Alliance led by Indian National Congress. The party contested on eight constituencies in Uttar Pradesh in Indian general election, 2014 as per an arrangement with UPA[7] but lost on all of them. Party chief Ajit Singh who was six term holder from Baghpat seat, lost to BJP candidate Satya Pal Singh. His son Jayant Chaudhary, the incumbent MP from Mathura, lost to BJP candidate Hema Malini too.[3][8]

In January 2015 Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council elections, RLD supported Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) candidates.[9][10][11]

In Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly election, 2017, it could win only one seat.


Party's MLA's in 17th Vidhan Sabha (Uttar Pradesh) are:

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