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Ras Doumeira (Cape Doumeira) is a geographic cape that extends into the Red Sea, towards the Doumeira Islands. The area is shared by Djibouti and Eritrea, and was the subject of a 2008 border dispute between the two countries.[1]

Ras Doumeira
Ras Doumeira.png
Map of Ras Doumeira with the de facto border
LocationDjiboutiEritrea border
Coordinates12°42′40″N 43°8′0″E / 12.71111°N 43.13333°E / 12.71111; 43.13333Coordinates: 12°42′40″N 43°8′0″E / 12.71111°N 43.13333°E / 12.71111; 43.13333


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