Raphaël Dubois

Raphaël Horace Dubois (20 June 1849, Le Mans – 21 January 1929) was a French pharmacologist known for his work on bioluminescence and anesthesia.[1] He coined the terms proteon and bioproteon, from the Greek "Proteon" for matter and "Bios" for life; bioproteon means living matter. He concluded that there is no difference between the two.

Raphaël Dubois
Raphael Dubois (1849-1929).jpg
Raphaël Dubois
Born(1849-06-20)20 June 1849
Died21 January 1929(1929-01-21) (aged 79)
Known forbioluminescence

"A consideration of radioactivity led Dubois, 18 in 1904, to the view that the distinction between " matter of life " and *' living matter" is superficial. He proposed the term bioproteon meaning the particular state of the " proteon " in living beings, and suggested the desirability of determining the radioactivity proper of the bioproteon. In a subsequent paper 21 he says: 41 The unique principle of everything, of both force and matter, I have called ' proteon,' and when it pertains to a living being, ' bioproteon V Proteon and bioproteon are only two different states of the same thing. When the bioproteon is dead it has only ceased to be radioactive and becomes simply proteon."

— From Torreya A Monthly Journal of Botanical Notes and News, [2]


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