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Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja is an American-British-Irish animated television series created by Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas for Disney XD.[2] It is produced by Titmouse, Inc. and Boulder Media Limited for Disney's London-based content hub.[3] Many of the character designs were supplied by Jhonen Vasquez, the creator of Invader Zim.[4] The first episode premiered on August 13, 2012.,[2][5][6] and the final episode premiered on July 27, 2015.[1] Voice direction for the series was done by Ginny McSwain. Shaun Cashman was the supervising director.

Randy Cunningham:
9th Grade Ninja
Series' title card
Genre Animation
Created by Jed Elinoff
Scott Thomas
Directed by Mike Milo
Shaun Cashman
Joshua Taback
Chuckles Austen
Voices of Ben Schwartz
Andrew Caldwell
Tim Curry
Ben Cross
John DiMaggio
Kevin Michael Richardson
Country of origin United States
United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 50 (100 segments) (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Jed Elinoff
Scott Thomas
Running time 11 minutes
Production company(s) Titmouse, Inc.
Boulder Media Limited
Rough Draft Studios Korea Co., Ltd. (Season 2)
Disney Television Animation (Season 2)
Distributor Disney–ABC Domestic Television
Original network Disney XD
Original release August 13, 2012 (2012-08-13) – July 27, 2015 (2015-07-27)[1]
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A town called Norrisville has been protected by a ninja for 800 years, but what the citizens of Norrisville do not know is that a new ninja is selected every four years. Randy Cunningham, ninth grade teenager, is the next ninja. Now, Randy must protect Norrisville from the evil plans of the Sorcerer, his ally Hannibal McFist, and Hannibal's assistant Willem Viceroy.[2][5]


Main characters

  • Randall "Randy" Cunningham / Ninja (voiced by Ben Schwartz[2][5]) - A Norrisville High freshman who was chosen to be the "Ninja", a mystic warrior who protects the school and the city from any danger that threatens the safety of people. Randy is a young student who faces monsters and freaks in order to keep the evil Sorcerer in his arrest.
  • Howard Weinerman (voiced by Andrew Caldwell[2][5]) - Howard is Randy's best friend and the only one who knows his secret identity as the Ninja.


  • The Sorcerer (voiced by Tim Curry[2][5] in Season One, Ben Cross in Season Two) - A 800-year-old master of the dark arts who is determined to destroy his nemesis, the Ninja. At the beginning of the 13th century, the Sorcerer was imprisoned in a hole that is now located beneath the school. The Sorcerer's main weapon is "stank", a magical ability which one uses to temporarily turn people into monsters.
  • Hannibal McFist (voiced by John DiMaggio[2][5]) - The owner and CEO of McFist Industries and one of the Ninja's enemies. McFist also has a mechanical arm with a brain that replaces his right arm. While everyone in Norrisville views him as a benevolent business man, he has secretly made a deal to help the Sorcerer destroy the Ninja in exchange for a power of McFist's choosing.
  • Willem Viceroy III (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson[2][5]) - Viceroy is a scientist responsible for all robots that attack the Ninja.
    • Psycho-Bot (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - A robotic scorpion created by Viceroy.
    • Robo-Apes (voiced by John DiMaggio) - Robotic gorillas created by Viceroy that are often unleashed by Hannibal McFist to attack the Ninja.
  • Jerry Driscoll (voiced by Andy Dick) - Mrs. Driscoll's deceased husband whose skeleton she carries around with her at all times.
  • The Disciplinarian (voiced by Andy Richter) - The tour guide for Detention Island. He really hates cheating so much that he'll go out of his way to try to kill anyone who commits this action if they are on his island.
  • Mac Antfee (voiced by David Koechner) - He was the ninja of the 1980s, but was "condemned for conduct unbecoming of a ninja" and stripped of the ninja suit.
    • Man-Gong - Mac Antfee's right-hand man.
  • Catfish Booray (voiced by Jim Cummings) - A psychotic Cajun swamp man who lives in the swamp behind the school.
  • The Sorceress (voiced by Jennifer Tilly) - The Sorcerer's girlfriend.
  • Evil Julian (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) - Evil Julian is an evil version of Julian who was created when Julian came in contact with one of the Sorcerer's Power Balls.

Recurring characters

  • Bucky Hensletter (voiced by Scott Menville[2][5]) - A student of Norrisville High who is a member of the school's marching band, in which he plays the triangle.
  • Bashford "Bash" Johnson (voiced by Dave Wittenberg[2][5]) - A school bully who is also McFist's stepson, and the Norrisville High Crushin' Carp quarterback.
  • Heidi Weinerman (voiced by Cassie Scerbo[2][5]) - Howard's older sister and the host of "Heidi@School!", an online gossip report that focuses on current events in the school and in the city.
  • Theresa Fowler (voiced by Sarah Hyland) - A Norrisville High student who is a member of the school's baton twirling team and also has a crush on Randy.
  • Debbie Kang (voiced by Piper Curda) - A straight-A student who has an obsession for Mexican death bears.
  • Irving Slimovitz (voiced by Jim Rash[2][5]) - The principal of Norrisville High School.
  • Marci McFist (voiced by April Stewart) - The wife of Hannibal McFist, sister-in-law of Terry McFist and mother of Bashford Johnson.
  • Doug (voiced by Scott Thomas) - A Norrisville High student. When Stankified by the Sorcerer, he becomes a carp-like monster.
  • Flute Girl (voiced by Grey DeLisle[2][5]) - Nerdy girl who plays the flute in the Norrisville High Marching Band.
  • Rachel (voiced by Laura Marano) - The clarinet player in the Norrisville High Marching Band.
  • Stevens - The trombone player in the school's marching band, he always wears sunglasses and hardly talks.
  • Julian (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) - A Gothic Student who is seen wearing a purple top hat, a purple suit and sports vampiric features such as false fangs.
  • Coach Green (voiced by John Oliver[2][5]) - Randy and Howard's eccentric and insane gym teacher as well as the manager for the Norrisville Wave Slayers water-ski team.
  • Morgan (voiced by Kari Wahlgren) - The leader of "Dancing Fish", Morgan is an upperclassman dancer with a sassy attitude and a smug voice.
  • S. Ward Smith (voiced by John Witherspoon) - The blind metal shop teacher at Norrisville High School and swordsmith.
  • Marlene Driscoll (voiced by Megan Mullally[2][5]) - Mrs. Driscoll is Randy and Howard's science teacher.
  • Pradeep (voiced by Parvesh Cheena) - A student who plays the French horn in the Norrisville High Marching Band. Beeb has a fear of spiders.

Other characters

  • Mr. Bannister (voiced by Neil Flynn[2][5]) - An English teacher at Norrisville High.
  • Ms. Wickwhacker (voiced by Grey DeLisle) - The strict and militant band instructor of the Norrisville High Marching Band at Norrisville High.
  • Mick (voiced by John DiMaggio) - A football player on Norrisville High School's football team who is Bash Johnson's best friend.
  • Juggo (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) - A student at Norrisville High School who dresses like a clown every day. His known talent is juggling while on a unicycle.
  • Dave (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) - An accordion player at Norrisville High School.
  • Mort Weinerman (voiced by Richard Kind) - The father of Howard Weinerman and Heidi Weinerman.
  • Gene Levine (voiced by John DiMaggio) - An exterminator who helps Viceroy dispose of a few unwanted monster blob creations.
  • Greg - (voiced by Keith Ferguson) - Greg is a worker at the video arcade called "Greg's Game Hole."
  • Señora Jorge (voiced by Judy Reyes) - Randy's and Howard's Spanish teacher.
  • Dickie (voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait) - In 1985, Dickie was Stankified by the Sorcerer after mistakingly believing that his girlfriend had stood him up.
  • Ms. Mary Elizabeth "Tawny" Zingwald (voiced by Annie Potts) - The poetry teacher at Norrisville High School with ankle-length hair.
  • Jacques (voiced by Rob Paulsen) - A foreign exchange student from France.
  • Buttermaker (voiced by Sterling Knight) - A jock at Norrisville High School who is the captain of the "Wave Slayers" water ski team.
  • Brent (voiced by Jason Earles) - A student at Norrisville High School who is the protege of S. Ward Smith.
  • Pitch Kickham (voiced by Simon Pegg) - Pitch Kickham is a superstar soccer player who appeared in "The McHugger Games".
  • Terry McFist (voiced by Steve Zahn) - Hannibal McFist's hippie big brother and the true heir to McFist Industries.
  • Ranginald Bagel (voiced by Gilbert Gottfried) - Ranginald is a student who served as a background character for most of the show.
  • First Ninja (voiced by Joel McHale) - The First Ninja was the last ninja from the Norisu Nine who became the first Norrisville Ninja and trapped the Sorcerer underground.
  • Sinjin Knightfire (voiced by Nat Faxon) - Sinjin Knightfire is a magician and the owner of the Magic Funporium. When Stankified by the Sorcerer, he becomes a magician-themed monster.
  • Jason Myers (voiced by Robert Englund) - Also known as Mudfart, Jason Myers was a student at Norrisville High in 1993.


Season Segments Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
First aired Last aired
1 51 26 August 13, 2012 (2012-08-13) February 8, 2014 (2014-02-08)
2 48 24 July 19, 2014 July 27, 2015


A preview of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja aired on Disney XD August 13, 2012. The official premiere was on September 17, 2012. Disney XD (Canada) premiered the series on September 29, 2012. The series premiered on October 4, 2012 on Disney XD (UK & Ireland). It premiered in Australia on December 10, 2012 on Disney Channel and on April 10, 2014 on Disney XD.


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