Rana District Court

Rana District Court (Norwegian: Rana tingrett) is a district court located in the town of Mo i Rana in Nordland county, Norway. The court serves the central part of the county which includes the municipalities of Rana, Hemnes, Nesna, Lurøy, Træna, and Rødøy. The court is subordinate to the Hålogaland Court of Appeal. The court is led by the chief judge (Sorenskriver) Rolf Selfors, who also leads the neighboring Alstahaug District Court and Brønnøy District Court.[1] This court employs a chief judge, two other judges, and two prosecutors.[2]

Rana District Court
Rana tingrett
Nytorget, Mo i Rana, Norway, 2017-10-09 - Tinghuset (Rana tinghus tingrett), Universitet Nord Campus Helgeland (studiested Mo i Rana) a.jpg
View of the courthouse
LocationMo i Rana
Coordinates66°18′40″N 14°08′16″E / 66.31104°N 14.13789°E / 66.31104; 14.13789Coordinates: 66°18′40″N 14°08′16″E / 66.31104°N 14.13789°E / 66.31104; 14.13789
Appeals toHålogaland
Court of Appeal
Number of positions5
WebsiteOfficial website
Chief Judge (Sørenskriver)
CurrentlyRolf Selfors
Division map
Domssokn i Nordland.svg
Rana District Court covers the lower pink areas in Nordland county

The court is a court of first instance. Its judicial duties are mainly to settle criminal cases and to resolve civil litigation as well as bankruptcy. The administration and registration tasks of the court include death registration, issuing certain certificates, performing duties of a notary public, and officiating civil wedding ceremonies. Cases from this court are heard by a combination of professional judges and lay judges. Cases from this district court may be appealed to the Hålogaland Court of Appeal.[3]


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