Ramkot Fort (Urdu: قلعہ رام کوٹ, romanizedQila Ram Kot) or (AzizKot Fort) is an ancient fort in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir.[1][2]

Ramkot Fort
Ramkot Fort Dadyal.jpg
View of Ramkot Fort
General information
LocationDadyal, Mirpur district, Azad Jammu and Kashmir
Construction started16th century AD


The fort was built by a Gakkhar, named Toglu, in 16th century.[3] The fort was built on an abandoned Hindu temple.[4] It is located on the edges of the Mangla Dam.[3]

Syed Aziz Badshah, a well-known politician of Dadyal associated with Khanyara Sharif, rescued the fort from the Sikhs with heavy weapons and named it Aziz Kot.[5]


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