Ramkisoen Dewdat Oedayrajsing Varma

Ramkisoen Dewdat Oedayrajsing Varma (March 1907 – 1968) was a member of the Estates of Suriname for the VHP during the 1950s.

Ramkisoen Dewdat Oedayrajsing Varma
Estates of Suriname
In office
Personal details
Born(1907-03-00)March 1907
Nieuw Nickerie, Suriname
Died1968(1968-00-00) (aged 60–61)
Political partyProgressive Reform Party (VHP)

Varma was born in Nieuw Nickerie. He studied to become a teacher at a primary school, but did not finish it. He became a priest at the Arya Samay and a trader.[1] In 1950 he officially became an interpreter of Hindustani languages in the Nickerie District[2] and he was also chairman of the van Drimmelenpolder water board.[3]

At the 1951 Surinamese general election Oedayrajsing Varma was elected in the Nickerie District to become a member of the Estates of Suriname. Four years later he was re-elected. In April 1958 Oedayrajsing Varma and VHP member Soekdew Mungra supported a vote of confidence in the Ferrier government, although the VHP was at that moment in opposition.[4] As a result Ferrier could remain in power a little longer.[5] At the snap election a few months later he was no longer a VHP candidate. He continued with his cultural and religious activities.[6]

Oedayrajsing Varma died of a sudden heartache during a speech in 1968.[6][7]


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