Ramiro Sánchez

Ramiro Sánchez of Monzón (1070–1129/1130[1]) was a noble kinsman of the kings of Navarre. In 1104 he was tenente of Urroz, of Monzón between 1104 and 1116, probably of Tudela in 1117 and from 1122 to 1129 in Erro.[1]

Ramiro Sánchez, Lord of Monzón
Noble familyHouse of Jiménez
Spouse(s)Cristina Rodríguez
FatherSancho Garcés, Lord of Uncastillo

His father was Sancho Garcés, an illegitimate son of king García Sánchez III of Navarre. His mother was Constance, whose parentage has been subject to recent speculation - associated with the lords of Marañón in traditional sources, she has lately been suggested to have been daughter of queen Estefanía, King García's wife, and hence stepsister of her husband.[2]

With the fall of his uncle, king Sancho IV of Navarre, the kingdom was divided between Castile and Aragon, and the royal family parceled out between the two. Ramiro was thus raised at the Aragonese court, and was lord of Monzón, in which he was succeeded by his eldest son, the future king García Ramírez of Navarre.

Around 1098, Ramiro was married to Cristina Rodríguez daughter of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar.[3][4] Their children were:


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