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Raj Television Network is an Indian satellite television network established on 3 June 1994 and is based in Chennai, India.[2] It owns television channels across four South Indian languages Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. Its flagship channel is Raj TV. It also has one Hindi Language channel named Raj Pariwar.

Raj Television Network Limited
Public company (BSE532826, NSERAJTVEQ)
IndustryMass media
Founded14 October 1994
HeadquartersChennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Revenue69 billion (US$970 million) (2013)[1]
20 billion (US$280 million) (2013)
900.928 billion (US$13 billion) (2013)

In 1983, four brothers established a video cassette lending company named Raj Video Vision. In 1984, the group started acquiring rights for Tamil films. In 1987, Rajendras an integrated studio was opened by Raj group and were used by independent movie and TV serial producers. The group used the studio to export 35 mm films and tele-serials to Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, UAE among others. Raj television network was established on 3 June 1994 with the launch of the Tamil channel Raj TV on 14 October 1994.

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