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Railnews is a national monthly newspaper and news website for the British railway network.

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CategoriesRail transport
First issueAugust 1963
Company1963-96: British Railways
1997–present: Railnews Ltd
CountryUnited Kingdom



Railnews concentrates on issues important to employees of the railway industry, such as investment, careers, changes to industry structure, and political developments, as well as industrial relations and other trade union matters. It also maintains a focus on the people of the rail industry, rather than the companies alone. As a trade title covering the modern industry, it is not designed for railway enthusiasts or the heritage railway market.

The ethos of Railnews is to be "dispassionate, objective and accurate". Following this, Railnews never carries unmarked advertorials, although much of its advertising revenue does come from major rail firms and franchise operators.


A Railnews special edition on the Advanced Passenger Train from 1980

Railnews was originally the house newspaper of British Railways (later British Rail), published by the British Railways Board. It first appeared in 1963 with a price of 6d, replacing the former magazines which had been produced for each railway Region, although Regional 'slip' pages continued for many years. From 1978 to October 1996 it was issued free to all employees of British Rail. In late 1996, as a result of the privatisation of British Rail, production ceased. In February 1997 the title was revived by some former BR managers, with Sir William McAlpine as Chairman and Cyril Bleasdale OBE FCILT as Managing Director. Both have maintained these positions ever since. Only four months went by between the ending of the BR version and the launch of its independent successor.


Railnews is no longer a house journal with a particular stance to maintain and, although fully supportive of the industry it serves, it carries objective, balanced reports. Distributed to both individual subscribers and large railway companies (who have corporate subscriptions) it penetrates the entire industry from trackside to boardroom.

The newspaper and website were both fully redesigned in February 2012, bringing a new, cleaner, more modern look to the title. Since September 2009 the Managing Editor has been former BBC journalist Sim Harris. He succeeded Paul Whiting, who is now Consulting Editor.[1]

Railnews carries a cover price of £2.70 and an annual subscription (12 issues) costs £26.90.


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