Railcar mover

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Unimog 405/UGN road–rail vehicle used as a rail car mover
A Volvo L70F loader fitted with Aries Hyrail road–rail vehicle conversion and train braking system

A railcar mover is a road–rail vehicle (capable of travelling on both roads and rail tracks) fitted with couplers for moving small numbers of railroad cars around in a rail siding or small yard. They are extensively used by railroad customers because they are cheaper than owning a switcher locomotive, more convenient and cheaper than paying the railroad operator to do the switching, easier and more productive than manual moving of cars, and in addition they are more versatile since they can travel on road wheels to the cars they need to move, instead of needing clear track.


Numerous manufacturers produce railcar movers, in multiple countries.

North AmericaEdit

TuVM Stade, Whiting Trackmobile

North American brands include Trackmobile, Nordco , BOSS , Rail King and Geismar.


An Ireland brand is Unilokomotive.


German brands include Unimog, Zwiehoff, UMEL and Zweiweg.


Italian brands are Colmar and Zephir.


BOSS Railcar Movers

A Belgian brand is UCA.


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