Raid (video game)

Raid (Chinese: 突擊; pinyin: Tújí; literally: 'Assault'), is an unlicensed game created for the NES by Joy Van and published by Color Dreams, under the title Silent Assault. Players control the only human who was unaffected by an alien power, as the Earth's military forces are under control from the deadly alien force.

Silent Assault Cover.jpg
North American cover art
Developer(s)Joy Van
Platform(s)Nintendo Entertainment System


An alien power has taken over Earth's military forces, and the player is the only one who is not affected by these aliens. He or she gathers additional armament while he or she engages in enemy infantry. The games contains a total of eight levels. In Silent Assault, the player's number of lives are represented by how many commandos he or she has. Your health in-game is represented by small shields displayed on screen.

At the start of every game the player begins with three commandos, each processing three shields. When he or she comes into contact with an enemy or bullets, he or she loses half a shield on his or her current commando; when a commando is out of shields he or she loses that commando. The player can gather hearts to gain back shields, and these hearts appear randomly after gunning down enemies.


A writer of French magazine Joystick, scoring Silent Assault an 81%, called it an "excellent platform game", praising its challenge and varied level design. His only criticism was the "jerky" movement of the character being controlled.[1] On the other hand, Aktueller Software Markt was very harsh towards the game, criticizing its presentation, ridiculously easy-to-defeat enemies and bosses, and bad storyline.[2]

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