Ragnarok (Týr album)

Ragnarok is the third full-length album by the Faroese viking/folk metal band Týr. It was released on 22 September 2006 by Napalm Records.

Ragnarok cover-official.jpg
Studio album by
Released22 September 2006
RecordedJacob Hansen studio, Denmark
GenreViking metal, folk metal, progressive metal
Length60:45 / 67:54
LabelNapalm Records
Týr chronology
Eric The Red
Professional ratings
Review scores
Lords of Metal(9.3/10)[3]
The Metal Crypt(4.25/5)[4]

The album is bilingual with Faroese and English lyrics.[5] The album features cover art by Jan Yrlund.[6]

Track listingEdit

1."The Beginning" Traditional Faeroese, Heri Joensen, Gunnar H. Thomsen5:07
2."The Hammer of Thor"Heri JoensenTraditional Faeroese, Heri Joensen6:39
3."Envy" Heri Joensen1:10
4."Brother's Bane"Heri JoensenTraditional Danish, Heri Joensen5:00
5."The Burning" Heri Joensen1:56
6."The Ride to Hel"Heri JoensenTraditional Faeroese, Heri Joensen6:12
7."Thorsteins Kvæði"Traditional FaeroeseTraditional Faeroese, arr. Heri Joensen4:55
8."Grímur á Miðalnesi"Traditional FaeroeseTraditional Faeroese0:56
9."Wings of Time"Heri Joensen, Traditional FaeroeseHeri Joensen, Traditional Faeroese6:25
10."The Rage of the Skullgaffer" Heri Joensen, Terji Skibenæs2:01
11."The Hunt"Heri JoensenHeri Joensen, Terji Skibenæs, Traditional Faeroese5:47
12."Victory" Traditional Faeroese, arr. Heri Joensen0:58
13."Lord of Lies"Heri JoensenTraditional Faeroese, Heri Joensen6:03
14."Gjallarhornið" Heri Joensen0:27
15."Ragnarok"Heri JoensenTraditional Faeroese, Heri Joensen, Gunnar H. Thomsen6:32
16."The End" Traditional Faeroese, Heri Joensen, Gunnar H. Thomsen0:37
17."Valkyries Flight" (Digipack Edition Only) Traditional Irish, arr. Heri Joensen2:03
18."Valhalla" (Digipack Edition Only)Heri JoensenTraditional Irish, Heri Joensen5:03
Total length:67:54



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