Radula marginata

Radula marginata (Wairuakohu) is a species of plant in genus Radula,[1] a genus of liverworts. It is endemic to New Zealand.[2][3] It has been found to contain cannabinoids.[4][5]

Radula marginata
Scientific classification
R. marginata
Binomial name
Radula marginata


Users smoking the plant have experienced different effects.[6][citation needed] The cannabinoid is not THC, the main psychoactive chemical in cannabis, but it is of similar molecular structure.[4] The liverwort contains perrottetinene and perrottetinenic acid.[4] The quantity of cannabinoid present is much less than in cannabis. Perrottetinene has been shown to be a moderately potent CB1 agonist leading to mild psychoactive effects in mice.[7]

Legal statusEdit

The liverwort grows as a common weed.[citation needed] Owning, growing and distributing the liverwort is legal.

Radula marginata may have been used in rongoā (Māori herbal medicine), but there is no firm evidence of this.


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