The Radomyshl Synagogue is a former Jewish synagogue that was located in the town of Radomyshl, Zhytomyr Oblast in Ukraine. It was built in 1887. A great fire in the town in 1926 damaged the building. It was demolished in the 1930s.[1]

Radomyshl Synagogue
An etching of the former synagogue in c. 1900
AffiliationJudaism (former)
Ecclesiastical or organisational statusSynagogue (1887–1926)
LocationRadomyshl, Zhytomyr Oblast
Radomyshl Synagogue is located in Ukraine
Radomyshl Synagogue
Location of the former synagogue in Ukraine
Geographic coordinates50°29′35″N 29°15′29″E / 50.4931°N 29.2581°E / 50.4931; 29.2581
TypeSynagogue architecture
Date established1879 (as a congregation)
  • 1926 (damaged by fire)
  • 1930s (demolished)
MaterialsStone and masonry

History edit

Jews lived in Radomysl since the 16th century. After a national liberation war, the Radomyshl kagal was completely devastated and almost disappeared. The second wave of Jewish settlement started in the 18th century. At that time Jews made up the majority of the population of Radomysl.[2] In 1845, there were seven synagogues in Radomyshl.[3]

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