Radio Club de Costa Rica

The Radio Club de Costa Rica (RCCR) (n English, Radio Club of Costa Rica) is a national non-profit organization for amateur radio enthusiasts in Costa Rica. Key membership benefits of the RCCR include a QSL bureau for those amateur radio operators in regular communications with other amateur radio operators in foreign countries, and a network to support amateur radio emergency communications. RCCR represents the interests of Costa Rican amateur radio operators before Costa Rican and international regulatory authorities. RCCR is the national member society representing Costa Rica in the International Amateur Radio Union.[1]

Radio Club de Costa Rica
Radio Club of Costa Rica
RCCR logo.png
TypeNon-profit organization
PurposeAdvocacy, Education
HeadquartersSan José, Costa Rica
Region served
Costa Rica
Official language
Hugo Soto Vargas TI2HAS
AffiliationsInternational Amateur Radio Union

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