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Rayo Cantabria, formerly known as Real Racing Club de Santander B is the reserve team of Racing de Santander, a Spanish football team based in Santander, in the autonomous community of Cantabria.

Rayo Cantabria
Racing de Santander logo.svg
Full nameReal Racing Club
de Santander B, S.A.D.
GroundLa Albericia, Santander,
Cantabria, Spain
PresidentManuel Higuera S.A.
Head coachJosé Moratón
League3ª – Group 3

Founded in 1926 as a separate club, affiliated with Racing de Santander from 1951 and incorporated formally into the professional club's structure in 1993, the team currently plays in Tercera División, holding home games at La Albericia, with a capacity of 600 spectators.


Rayo Cantabria was founded in 1926 as Gimnástica de Miranda,[1] later being renamed Sociedad Deportiva Rayo Cantabria.[2] Having competed independently in the Cantabrian Regional Championship, in 1946 they were promoted to the third tier of Spanish football, the old Tercera División, for the first time; the following campaign, they faced the biggest local club Racing de Santander (or Real Santander as they were known at the time), Rayo being relegated and Racing promoted. In the 1950–51 Tercera División season, Rayo came up against the Racing youth team, Juventud RS with both entering the relegating playoffs; Juventud went down and folded soon after, and from that time Rayo became the Racing farm team.[1]

They went on to spent 20 consecutive years at the third level, coming close to promotion on a few occasions,[1] also performing the important task in developing young local players, some of whom (including Paco Gento, Marquitos, Ico Aguilar, Pedro Zaballa, Vicente Miera and Nando Yosu) went on to great success.[3] They temporarily disassociated from Racing in the 1968–69 and 1969–70 seasons when both were in the same division.[1] After league restructuring in the mid 1970s, Rayo played just one further season at the third level (now Segunda División B) – that was in 1987–88, and they were relegated.[1] Further elite players produced via a spell in the team included Tuto Sañudo, Juan Carlos, Manolo Preciado, Pedro Munitis and José María Ceballos.[3]

In 1993 the original Rayo was dissolved in a national move to formally absorb affiliated teams into the professional clubs' structure, and Racing de Santander B took its place.[2] A new Rayo Cantabria, who started playing as an independent club in the regional leagues from 1993,[3] was also affiliated to Racing for four seasons, from 2003–04 to 2006–07.[1] Racing B have since played nine seasons in Segunda B, lasting no more than two years in any single spell at that level; they would usually meet Dep. Rayo when relegated back to the fourth tier, and finished below their 'sibling' club on three occasions.

In 2018, previous manager Ángel Meñaca was recognised by the city of Santander for his lifetime efforts and contributions towards the running of both the original Rayo up to 1993 and the 'new' Rayo from then on.[4]

In summer 2019, Racing de Santander successfully applied to have their B-team renamed as Rayo Cantabria going forward;[2][3] the other Rayo club had been removed from the league a year earlier due to unpaid debts.[5][6]

Club namesEdit

  • Gimnástica de Miranda (1926–1931)[1]
  • Rayo Sport de Miranda (1931–1941)
  • Sociedad Deportiva Rayo Cantabria (1941–1993)
  • Racing de Santander B (1993–2019)
  • Rayo Cantabria (2019–)[3]

Season to seasonEdit

  • As farm team
Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
1946/47 3 4th
1947/48 3 13th 2nd round
1948/49 4 Regional
1949/50 3 17th
1950/51 3 16th
1951/52 3 3rd
1952/53 3 13th
1953/54 3 7th
1954/55 3 5th
1955/56 3 5th
1956/57 3 9th
1957/58 3 3rd
1958/59 3 2nd
1959/60 3 7th
1960/61 3 1st
1961/62 3 4th
1962/63 3 7th
1963/64 3 9th
1964/65 3 8th
1965/66 3 2nd
Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
1966/67 3 5th
1967/68 3 9th
1968/69 3 14th
1969/70 3 17th 1st round
1970/71 4 Regional
1971/72 4 Regional
1972/73 4 Regional
1973/74 3 18th 2nd round
1974/75 4 Regional
1975/76 4 Regional
1976/77 4 Regional
1977/78 4 16th 3rd round
1978/79 4 6th
1979/80 4 10th
1980/81 4 18th
1981/82 5 Reg. Pref. 1st
1982/83 4 4th
1983/84 4 17th 2nd round
1984/85 4 5th
1985/86 4 4th 2nd round
Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
1986/87 4 1st 2nd round
1987/88 3 2ªB 19th 2nd round
1988/89 4 3rd 1st round
1989/90 4 2nd
Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
1990/91 4 5th
1991/92 4 9th
1992/93 4 2nd
  • As reserve team
Season Tier Division Place
1993/94 4 2nd
1994/95 4 1st
1995/96 4 2nd
1996/97 4 2nd
1997/98 3 2ªB 17th
1998/99 4 1st
1999/00 4 3rd
2000/01 3 2ªB 17th
2001/02 4 2nd
2002/03 3 2ªB 11th
2003/04 3 2ªB 17th
2004/05 4 1st
2005/06 3 2ªB 8th
2006/07 3 2ªB 20th
2007/08 4 2nd
2008/09 3 2ªB 14th
2009/10 3 2ªB 17th
2010/11 4 3rd
2011/12 4 3rd
2012/13 3 2ªB 17th
Season Tier Division Place
2013/14 4 8th
2014/15 4 3rd
2015/16 4 3rd
2016/17 4 5th
2017/18 4 5th
2018/19 4 5th

Current squadEdit

As of 31 July 2017

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
  GK Adrián Peón
  GK Iván Rumenov
  DF Pablo Bolado
  DF Borja Ares
  DF Javier Gómez
  DF Miguel Goñi
  DF Jerin Ramos
  DF Chus Puras
  DF Adrián Zorrilla
  DF Íñigo Sáinz-Maza
  MF Jaime Hoyuela
  MF Darío Sánchez
  MF Javier Turrado
No. Position Player
  MF Raúl Gutiérrez
  MF Víctor Badiola
  FW Daniel Mendicute
  FW Jorge Somavilla
  FW Carlos Gallo
  FW Ángel Pardo
  FW Diego Rozas
  FW Gonzalo Peña
  FW Raúl Tirilonte
  FW Matías Aquino
  FW Pablo Goñi
  FW Mario Soberón


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