RTVC Sistema de Medios Públicos

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RTVC Sistema de Medios Públicos (abbreviation of Radio Televisión Nacional de Colombia, known by its acronym 'RTVC' ) is a public radio and television entity of Colombia, created by Decree 3525 of October 28, 2004, by dissolving Inravisión and its public production company Audiovisuales, under the government of President Álvaro Uribe Vélez.

RTVC Sistema de Medios Públicos
Radio Televisión Nacional de Colombia
TypePublic broadcasting
FoundedOctober 28, 2004; 17 years ago (2004-10-28)
TV stationsSeñal Colombia
Canal Institucional
Canal Trece
Radio stationsRadio Nacional de Colombia
Headquarters26–33 Carrera 45, Centro Administrativo Nacional, Teusaquillo, Bogotá
Broadcast area
OwnerMinistry of Information Technologies and Communications
Key people
Álvaro García Jiménez, Manager
Former names
Radio Televisión Nacional de Colombia
Señal Colombia Sistema de Medios Públicos
Callsign meaning
Official website
es: www.rtvc.gov.co

RTVC is a state entity, linked to the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications and its function is to produce, program and operate state radio and television services, such as Señal Colombia, Canal Institucional, Radio Nacional de Colombia and Radiónica. In addition, it manages a network of eight state channels with regional coverage.

With the refocusing of RTVC's administration, the entity launched the web stations Signal Classic and Signal Llanera. In addition, it has the Memoria Signal platform, whose programming is made up of the audiovisual archives of radio and television in Colombia, and RTVCPlay OTT Service, the free entertainment content platform. Currently RTVC also has RTVC Noticias, everyone's newscast, with information on Colombia and its regions in its own accent.


RTVC owns four free-to-air television stations (one of which is managed by private businesses) and two radio networks.


Terrestrial televisionEdit

RTVC has 2 channels of national coverage.

National channelsEdit

RTVC is responsible for the operations of the 2 national channels, which have 97% of their coverage.

Logo Name Programming Foundation Channels

Señal Colombia Main general channel, with cultural, informative, children's, opinion, entertainment and sports programming. February 9, 1970 Channel 11 (Analog signal)
Channel 16.1 (TDT)
and repeaters

Canal Institucional Executive Institutional Channel, with information programming and national politics, sessions of the Senate and the House of Representatives are also broadcast. February 2, 2004 Channel 9 (Analog signal)
Channel 16.2 (TDT)
and repeaters

Regional channelsEdit

It is also responsible for the operations of the 2 regional channels, both broadcasting in departments of the country located in the regions of the Andes, the Llanos and the Amazon.

Logo Name Programming Foundation Channels

Canal Trece Regional channel of Andean culture, launched in 1998 as Teveandina. September 1, 1998 13 (Analog signal)
Channels 17.1 y 20.1 (TDT)
and repeaters

Trece+ Regional channel of music and culture, it was broadcast as a test signal since 2016 as an alternate musical signal of Trece but later as RTVC Cinco, then as Trece 2 and finally as Trece +. 2017 Channel 17.2 (TDT)
and repeaters


RTVC broadcasts 2 stations, on various frequencies nationwide. These, in turn, have 4 specialized thematic stations.

Logo Name Programming Foundation Stations Services

Radio Nacional de Colombia First broadcaster, generalist and cultural, provides informative and consultation content on culture, traditions, music, gastronomy, Colombian countryside, politics, economy, artists and others from the country's regions. February 1, 1940 570 AM (Bogotá/El Rosal)
95.9 FM (Bogotá)
Channel 16.5 (TDT, audio)
and repeaters
'Señal Clásica: Online station that broadcasts classical music, with programming based on the Signal Memory files.
'Online station with educational and musical content.
Señal Llanera: Online station that broadcasts llanera music.
Señal Andina
Señal Pacífico
Señal Caribe

Radiónica Second station, musical, its programming is focused on a youth audience based on rock and alternative music with occasional rotation of metal, electronic, pop, reggae, ska and hip hop. October 15, 2005 99.1 FM
Channel 16.4 (TDT, audio)
and repeaters
Radiónica +: Station dedicated to the dissemination of Colombian independent music.


Name Services
Señal Memoria Strategy for the safeguarding, promotion and circulation of the audiovisual and sound heritage of the RTVC public media system.
RTVCPlay RTVC's online platform, with video on demand programming and online broadcasting by state radio and television stations.

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