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RTL 102.5 is a private Italian radio station. Despite its name, this radio station is not endorsed or affiliated with RTL Group.

RTL 102.5
RTL 102.5 (logo).png
Broadcast areaItaly – National FM, DAB, DVB-T, Satellite and Internet
SloganVery Normal People
FrequencyFM several frequencies, change from geographical side to side (generally 102.500 MHz)
SKY Italia Channel 750
First air date1975
FormatContemporary hit radio
OwnerRTL 102.5 Hit Radio S.r.l.
WebcastFlash e MP3

It has been the first Italian radio station using the format Contemporary hit radio, which involves the broadcasting of greatest hits only.

The RTL 102.5 group includes also the advertising agency Openspace and the satellite television channel RTL 102.5 TV (formerly Hit Channel) where is broadcast the whole radio schedule.



RTL 102.5 originated in Bergamo in 1975 as Radio Trasmissioni Lombarde ("Lombard Radio Broadcasting"). Lorenzo Suraci, the current president, took it over in 1988 to advertise his Capriccio discothèque in Arcene, near Bergamo. Rapidly RTL's signal was extended in the whole North of Italy. Then, Suraci tested the national isofrequency to make RTL receivable in the whole of Italy on the same frequency, 102.5 MHz. In 1990 it became one of the 14 Italian national networks. It has been the first private Italian radio station creating its own editorial structure, now directed by Luigi Tornari.

The headquarters are in Cologno Monzese, in the first building in Europe created especially for radio. RTL 102.5 also has an office in Rome, in via Virginio Orsini, near the Piazza del Popolo, which houses part of the editorial staff, recording rooms and the studio from which programs like Onorevole DJ and Chi c'è c'è, chi non c'è non parla are broadcast.


Presenters currently on RTL 102.5:

  • Alberto Bisi
  • Alessandro Greco [it]
  • Amadeus [it]
  • Andrea De Sabato
  • Andrea Pamparana
  • Andrea Salvati
  • Angelo Baiguini
  • Angelo Di Benedetto
  • Armando Piccolillo
  • Barbara Sala
  • Bruno Vespa
  • Carletto
  • Carlo Elli
  • Charlie Gnocchi
  • Conte Galé
  • Cristina Borra
  • Davide Giacalone
  • Fabio Santini
  • Fabrizio Ferrari
  • Federico Vespa
  • Fernando Proce
  • Francesca Cheyenne
  • Fulvio Giuliani
  • Gabriele Parpiglia
  • Gigio D'Ambrosio
  • Giorgia Surina
  • Giorgio Ginex
  • Giusi Legrenzi
  • Harold Davies
  • Il Trio
  • Jennifer Pressman
  • La Zac
  • Laura Ghislandi
  • Luca Dondoni
  • Max Viggiani
  • Myriam Fecchi
  • Nicoletta Deponti
  • Nino Mazzarino
  • Paolo Cavallone
  • Pierluigi Diaco
  • Pio e Amedeo
  • Roberto Uggeri
  • Sara Ventura
  • Silvia Annichiarico
  • Valeria Benatti [it]

Former Radio Caroline presenter Grant Benson also worked for the station in the nineties.

From 2005 to November 2007 the station manager was Roberto Zaino. Before that, his predecessor was Luca Viscardi.

News Correspondent NetworkEdit

RTL 102.5's News Correspondent Network, set up in August 1991, was a first in the history of national private radio in Italy. To date, it has received numerous accolades and awards for the quality and standard of its reporting.

The team consists of 16 journalists and 120 correspondents located in all major Italian cities, with the five primary editorial offices in Milan, Rome, Naples, Turin and Palermo. Additionally, there are correspondents in other major European cities like London, Paris, Berlin, Athens, Dublin, Monte Carlo and Moscow. Internationally, there are bureaux in the United States (New York and Los Angeles) and Lima, Peru.

The Milan editorial staff consists of Fulvio Giuliani, Paolo Pacchioni, Ivana Faccioli, Sergio Gadda, Alessandra Giannoli, Jolanda Granato, Giusi Legrenzi, Jennifer Pressman, Giovanni Perria, Antonella Rocchi, Andrea Salvati and Max Viggiani. The Rome editorial staff consists of Alberto Ciapparoni, Gabriele Manzo, Maria Paola Raiola and Federico Vespa.


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