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RPM Records was an American Los Angeles-based record label launched in 1950.[1] This is not the same RPM used by Tony Bennett, nor is it related to labels in the UK and South Africa.

RPM was a subsidiary of Modern Records and part of the Bihari Brothers record empire.

Ike Turner, who was a talent scout for the Bihari Brothers, arranged for many blues musicians such as Howlin' Wolf, B.B. King, and Roscoe Gordon to record for the Biharis.[2] King released many successful singles on the RPM label.[3] Paul Anka released his first single on RPM in 1956.[4]

In 1957, the Bihari Brothers announced that they were halting all album releases on both Modern and RPM, and that their released and scheduled albums for Modern and RPM would be issued on their Crown Records label.[1]

The catalogs and master tapes were sold to Ace Records (UK) in the 1990s.

Selected discographyEdit

Catalog No. Release





Single (A-side, B-side) Artist
333 Aug 1951 "Riding in the Moonlight"

b/w "Morning at Midnight"

Howlin' Wolf
339 Dec 1951 1 "3 O'Clock Blues"

b/w "That Ain't the Way to Do It"

B.B. King
336 Sep 1952 1 "You Know I Love You"

b/w "You Didn’t Want Me"

B.B. King and His Orchestra
350 Mar 1952 2 "No More Doggin'"

b/w "Maria"

Roscoe Gordon
356 May 1952 "You're Drivin' Me Insane"

b/w "Trouble and Heartaches"

Ike Turner with Ben Burton's Orchestra
386 Jun 1953 1 "Please Love Me"

b/w "Highway Bound"

B.B. King and His Orchestra
416 Sep 1954 1 "You Upset Me Baby"

b/w "Whole Lotta Love"

B.B. "Blues Boy" King and His Orchestra
436 Aug 1955 10 "Those Lonely, Lonely Nights"

b/w "Someone Cares For Me"

Johnny "Guitar" Watson
453 Jan 1956 14 2 "Eddie My Love"

b/w "Just Goofed"

The Teen Queens
472 Sep 1956 "I Confess"

b/w "Blau-Wile-Deveest-Fontaine"

Paul Anka
494 Jun 1957 "Quit My Baby" B.B. "Blues Boy" King and His Orchestra
95 "Be Careful With A Fool"

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