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RPG Maker 2 (RPGツクール5, RPG Tsukūru 5) is the third PlayStation version of the RPG Maker series, following RPG Maker (and the Japan-only RPG Tsukūru 4), the first version of the series to be released for the PlayStation 2 and the overall fifth installment for home consoles. Later, RPG Maker 3 would be released, becoming the second game in the series for PlayStation 2.

RPG Maker 2
Developer(s)Kuusou Kagaku
Composer(s)Hayato Matsuo
SeriesRPG Maker
Platform(s)PlayStation 2
PlayStation 3 (HD)
  • JP: August 8, 2002
  • NA: October 24, 2003




RPG Maker 2 was the first RPG Maker game to use fully 3D graphics, however, the graphical quality of the game suffered—during movement, a visible 'blur' was present. The game uses super deformed character models outside of battle, and more realistic (though still fairly cartoony) models in battle.

By going online, or using the Prima guide, users can access various fan pages, and (with practice and effort) create a playable game.


Events, like in other RPG Makers, drive your cutscenes, boss battles and other effects.

Events are tied to a script, like in many computer programming languages. There is a multitude of script commands to do a lot of tasks. Unfortunately, some commands are placed in almost random categories.

Many fans of the first game found the style of event creation and placement to be a downgrade from the original. Instead of selecting where the event is to be placed on the map, then creating the script and the event at the same time, the player had to create the script, tie it to an event, then place the event on the map, while opening and closing many menus in the process.


The musical score of RPG Maker 2 was a small collection of midi-quality files that were created for RPG Maker 2. Users could create their own music, but such requires a great deal of practice and musical skill.

Enhancements from RPG Maker for PS1Edit

RPG Maker 2 was the first console RPG Maker to feature fully 3D graphics, thus you could move in any direction simply by manipulating the analog stick. The game also included a real-time system that allowed changes in time and weather, also allowing the creator to design time-specific events.[1]

RPG Maker 2 also includes Picture Paradise, software that allows the creator to incorporate digital photos into the game. The PlayStation 2's USB port also allows the use of a USB Keyboard, speeding up the process of writing text.

However, because RPG Maker 2 includes 3D graphics instead of 2D, programs like the Anime Maker for RPG Maker were not included in RPG Maker 2.


FuMa is the sample game given in RPG Maker 2. The purpose of the game is to give the player an idea of how a fully completed game operates. To edit Fuma in the editor, press Circle, X, Up, Left, Down, Right, Square, Triangle after selecting Fuma in the Load Data menu. The Fuma information is to help the user learn how to master the complex scripts involved in basic events such as inns, shops, boss battles, and others.