RNase PH

RNase PH is a tRNA nucleotidyltransferase, present in archaea and bacteria, that is involved in tRNA processing. Contrary to hydrolytic enzymes, it is a phosphorolytic enzyme, meaning that it uses inorganic phosphate as a reactant to cleave nucleotide-nucleotide bonds, releasing diphosphate nucleotides. The active structure of the proteins is a homohexameric complex, consisting of three ribonuclease (RNase) PH dimers.[1] RNase PH has homologues in many other organisms, which are referred to as RNase PH-like proteins. The part of another larger protein with a domain that is very similar to RNase PH is called an RNase PH domain (RPD).

Ribonuclease PH
Crystal structure 1UDN.jpg
Structure of the RNase PH hexamer
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EC number2.7.7.56

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Two highly related exoribonuclease complexes:


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