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FK Hvězda Cheb is a Czech football club, playing in the town of Cheb. The club was founded in 1951 and refounded in 2001 after a bankruptcy in 1996. The club played for 13 consecutive seasons in the Czechoslovak First League between 1979 and 1992,[1] and played three seasons in the Czech First League, finishing fourth in the 1993–94 season. The club played in the third-tier Bohemian Football League between 2006 and 2008. It currently plays in the Czech Fourth Division.

Hvězda Cheb
Full nameFK Hvězda Cheb
Founded1951, 2001
GroundStadion Lokomotiva, Cheb, Czech Republic
LeagueCzech Fourth Division, Divize A

The club also had appearances in Europe playing the Mitropa Cup in 1980 and in Intertoto Cup 1981, in which it won its group.

The club announced a change in its name from Union Cheb to Hvězda Cheb in 2011.[2]

Club's nameEdit

  • 1951 : VSJ Sokolovo Cheb
  • 1952 : DSO Rudá Hvězda Cheb
  • 1966 : VTJ Dukla Hraničář Cheb
  • 1972 : TJ Rudá Hvězda Cheb (RH Cheb)
  • 1990 : SKP Union Cheb
  • 1994 : FC Union Cheb
  • 2011 : FK Hvězda Cheb

Famous playersEdit

Czechoslovak and Czech international players


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