RAF M1 'Roksana'

The RAF M1 "Roksana" was designed by Rīgas Autobusu Fabrika in 1991. It was designed to replace the aging RAF-2203 and offer a new modern vehicle to the newly opened market after collapse of Soviet Union. Only 1 prototype was ever produced until the bankruptcy of Rīgas Autobusu Fabrika in 1998. The prototype was lost after the bankruptcy but was found in Ventspils in 2017 and soon presented to the public.

RAF M1 "Roksana"
RAF M1 Roksana Front.jpg
RAF M1 "Roksana"
ManufacturerRīgas Autobusu Fabrika (RAF)
Body and chassis
ClassLight commercial vehicle (M)
Body style4-door van/minibus
RelatedRAF M2 'Stils'

Rīgas Autobusu Fabrika developed 2 concept models to replace the RAF-2203, the 1st concept being the RAF M1 'Roksana' and 2nd the RAF M2 'Stils' which was chosen as successor of RAF-2203, but start of mass production failed, hopes for small production failed soon after due lack of parts, budget and manpower.

The body building and engine installation was done in Riga experimental workshop after which it was sent to United Kingdom for final design works. RAF M1 'Roksana' was designed together with British International Automotive Design. The minivan could have seated nine people. Unlike the RAF M2 'Stils', RAF M1 'Roksana' has stayed as rear-wheel drive as in its predecessor RAF-2203.