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Air Command is the operational arm of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). It is headed by the Air Commander Australia, whose role is to manage and command the RAAF's Force Element Groups (FEGs), which contain the operational capability of the Air Force. Headquarters Air Command is located at RAAF Base Glenbrook.

Air Command
AllegianceAustralian Defence Force
BranchRoyal Australian Air Force
Current locationRAAF Glenbrook
Motto(s)Alert and Ready
Air Vice Marshal Joe Iervasi
(Air Commander Australia)


Air Command consists of the following FEGs:

Air Command has a critical strategic role both in peacetime and wartime. It works closely with Air Force Training Group (formerly RAAF Training Command) and the Australian Defence Force's Joint Logistics Command in developing and maintaining the nation's defence capabilities.


The Air Commander is responsible for all operational Air Force tasks, and reports to the Chief of Air Force. The Air Commander raises, trains and sustains forces for assignment to operations under the Chief of Joint Operations (CJOPS). Similar arrangements exist with Commander Forces Command (Australian Army) and Commander Australian Fleet (Royal Australian Navy).

Air Command has undergone a number of changes since its formation in May 1942, both in name and location. The following table lists those Air Force officers who have been appointed to lead the command and its headquarters in its various incarnations.

Note: The official title of each group of Commanders is listed immediately after the name of the Command.

Rank Name Post-nominals Period
HQ Eastern Area Command
(Air Officers Commanding)
Air Vice Marshal William Anderson CBE, DFC 1942–1943
Air Commodore Alan Charlesworth CBE, AFC 1943–1944
Air Commodore Francis Lukis CBE 1945–1946
Air Commodore Leon Lachal CBE 1946–1947
Air Vice Marshal Francis Bladin CBE 1947–1948
Air Vice Marshal John McCauley CB, CBE 1949–1953
HQ Home Command
(Air Officers Commanding)
Air Vice Marshal John McCauley CB, CBE 1953–1954
Air Vice Marshal Allan Walters CB, CBE, AFC 1954–1957
Air Vice Marshal Charles Candy CB, CBE 1958–1959
HQ Operational Command
(Air Officers Commanding)
Air Vice Marshal Valston Hancock CB, CBE, DFC 1959–1961
Air Vice Marshal Frank Headlam CB, CBE 1961–1962
Air Vice Marshal Alister Murdoch CB, CBE 1962–1965
Air Vice Marshal Colin Hannah CB, CBE 1965–1967
Air Vice Marshal Keith Hennock CB, CBE 1967–1969
Air Vice Marshal William Townsend CB, CBE 1969–1973
Air Vice Marshal Brian Eaton CB, CBE, DSO & Bar, DFC 1973
Air Vice Marshal Frederick Robey AO, CBE 1974–1978
Air Vice Marshal John Adams CBE, DFC, AFC 1978–1980
Air Vice Marshal Michael Ridgway AFC 1980–1981
Air Vice Marshal Russell Law 1981–1984
Air Vice Marshal Bernard Reynolds AM 1984–1985
Air Vice Marshal Edward Radford AO 1985–1987
Air Headquarters Australia
(Air Commanders Australia)
Air Vice Marshal Edward Radford AO 1987–1990
Air Vice Marshal Barry Gration AO, AFC 1990–1992
Air Vice Marshal Gary Beck AO 1992–1996
Air Vice Marshal Peter Nicholson AO 1996–1996
Headquarters Air Command
(Air Commanders Australia)
Air Vice Marshal Peter Nicholson AO 1996–1998
Air Vice Marshal Alan Titheridge AM 1998–1999
Air Vice Marshal Peter Criss AM, AFC 1999–2000
Air Vice Marshal John Kindler AO, AFC 2000–2003
Air Vice Marshal Geoffrey Shepherd AM 2003–2005
Air Vice Marshal John Quaife AM 2005–2007
Air Vice Marshal Mark Binskin AM 2007–2008
Air Vice Marshal Mark Skidmore AM 2008–2012
Air Vice Marshal Melvin Hupfeld DSC 2012–2014
Air Vice Marshal Gavin Turnbull AM 2014–2017
Air Vice Marshal Steven Roberton DSC, AM 2017–2019
Air Vice Marshal Joe Iervasi AM 2019–


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