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The R1 nuclear reactor in the 1960s.

R1 was the first nuclear reactor of Sweden. It was a research reactor located at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) campus at Valhallavägen in central Stockholm, in the rock beneath the current-day Q buildings. The reactor was active from July 13, 1954 to June 6, 1970. The reactor was dismantled, and there is nothing left of it today; the reactor hall however still exists.

The capacity of the reactor was originally 300 kW but was later increased to 1 MW.

In 2016, the reactor hall was used to film the music video for Alan Walker's song Faded (Restrung). The video was released on 11 February 2016.[1][2]

Coordinates: 59°21′00″N 18°04′05″E / 59.35000°N 18.06806°E / 59.35000; 18.06806


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