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R. Sankar became the Chief Minister of Kerala when Pattom Thanupillai was appointed as Governor of Punjab State. He remained as the Chief Minister of Kerala from 26 September 1962 to 10 September 1964. He had to resign when a no-confidence motion was passed in the Assembly.

R Sankar Ministry
2nd Cabinet of Kerala
26 September 1962 – 10 September 1964
Date formed26 September 1962
Date dissolved10 September 1964
People and organisations
Head of governmentR. Sankar
Member partyIndian National Congress
Opposition partyCommunist Party of India
Election(s)1960 Kerala Legislative Assembly election
PredecessorPattam Ministry
SuccessorSecond EMS Ministry

Congress party went through a split during this period. The resignation of P. T. Chacko from the R. Sankar Ministry had paved the way to the eventual formation of Kerala Congress. After his untimely death, the Chacko loyalists in the Congress party grouped together and formed the Kerala Congress under the leadership of K. M. George from Muvattupuzha with the blessings of Mannath Padmanabhan.

Council of MinistersEdit

Minister Ministry/Portfolio Party
1 R. Sankar Chief Minister Indian National Congress
2 P. T. Chacko Minister for Home Affairs

(resigned with effect from 20 February 1964)

3 K. A. Damodara Menon Minister for Industries
4 P. P. Ummer Koya Minister for Local Administration, Fisheries & Public Works
5 K. T. Achuthan Minister for Transport & Labour
6 E. P. Poulose Minister for Food & Agriculture
7 K. Kunhambu Minister for Harijan Welfare & Registration
8 D. Damodaran Potti Minister for Public Works

(resigned w.e.f. 8 October 1962)

Praja Socialist Party
9 K. Chandrasekharan Minister for Law and Revenue

(expired on 26 August 1962)

10 M. P. Govindan Nair Minister for Public Health

(assumed office on 9 October 1962)

Indian National Congress
11 T. A. Thomman Minister for Land Revenue, Law & Legislation (assumed office on 2 March 1964)

Vote of No-ConfidenceEdit

Home Minister in R. Shankar cabinet, P. T Chacko had to resign. This paved the way to frequent infighting in Congress party. After the death of P. T. Chacko in Aug 1964, K. M. George took the leadership of the dissident group in Congress. 15 Congress MLAs requested the Speaker of the House to be considered as a separate group under the Leadership of K. M. George and Deputy Leader R. Balakrishna Pillai. Subsequently, a no-confidence motion was presented in the assembly. After two days of discussion, the no-confidence motion passed 50 against 73 votes and R. Sankar resigned.

Dissidents from the Congress party subsequently formed a new party Kerala Congress

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