R. Daring Club Molenbeek

Royal Daring Club Molenbeek was a football team from the city of Brussels, Belgium until 1973. It was created in 1895 as Daring Club de Bruxelles and was the second club to register to the Belgian Football Association (it thus received the matricule n°2), but it was admitted to the league only in 1903.

Poster for a match at the Royal Daring Club in Brussels, in 1912. Alfred Wahl, La balle au pied : Histoire du football (pp. 30–31), "Découvertes Gallimard" collection (vol. 83).


Daring Brussels were formed in 1895 and after absorbing other local clubs in 1920 they became Royal Daring Club Molenbeek.[1]

It had to wait until 1936 to come back at the top and win its fourth championship, and the fifth came a year later. In 1938, it finished 2nd. The next season saw a poor performance by Daring to finish 13th (forelast). The club was relegated just before the competition was stopped because of World War II. The team changed its name to Royal Daring Club de Bruxelles in 1950. Twenty years later, the name was finally changed to Royal Daring Club Molenbeek before the club merged with matriculation n°47 Royal Racing White to become R.W.D. Molenbeek in 1973. Since then, the matriculation n°2 was erased.[citation needed]


[citation needed]

European cup historyEdit

Season Competition Round Country Club Home Away Aggregate
1965–66 Inter-Cities 1   AIK Stockholm 1–3 0–0 1–3
1968–69 Inter-Cities 1   Panathinaikos 2–1 0–2 2–3


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