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The R-360 is an arcade cabinet produced by Sega. The arcade cabinet has two axes of movement, allowing the player to rotate freely as the cabinet mimics the in-game action, including turning the cabinet completely upside down. Sega used the acronym SDMS (Servo Drive Movement System) for the cabinet's system.

The R-360 was also known for its many interior safety features such as a safety harness similar to a roller coaster harness, three seat belts which attached to the harness, and an Emergency Stop Button. Its exterior safety features included an Emergency Stop button on the attendant tower, a series of pressure-sensitive mat intrusion systems which would trigger an alarm when any of the mats were stepped on while the game was in motion and a beam sensor on the cockpit entry. A safety fence surrounded the cabinet to avoid anyone from getting too close to the cabinet.

The attendant tower of the R-360 also featured coin slots, but when some R-360 units were shipped to the US, they were removed under Sega's orders because they felt that the R-360 should be used under proper supervision of an attendant.

Only 150 R360 cabinets were produced, they all shipped with G-Loc and a upgrade kit was released 2 years later for Wing War.

In 2015, Sega introduced a motion simulator attraction based on its arcade game Transformers: Human Alliance at Joypolis. The attraction utilizes a new version of the R-360, labeled as "R360Z", which seats two passengers.[1][2]

Games for the R-360Edit

Only 2 games were released for the R-360 and one unreleased prototype


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