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Røssvatnet (Southern Sami: Reevhtse) is a lake and reservoir in the municipalities of Hattfjelldal and Hemnes in Nordland county, Norway. It has been the site of human occupation since the Stone Age. Its area of 219 square kilometres (85 sq mi) makes it the second largest lake in Norway by surface area. Without the dam which has regulated the lake since 1957, it would be 190 square kilometres (73 sq mi) and the third largest lake in Norway. Its depth is 240 metres (790 ft), its volume is estimated at about 15 cubic kilometres (3.6 cu mi), and its surface elevation is 374 metres (1,227 ft) above sea level.[2]

Røssvatnet with Dårtindan & Lukttinden, 2011 June.jpg
Location Hattfjelldal, Hemnes, Nordland
Coordinates 65°46′34″N 14°01′57″E / 65.77611°N 14.03250°E / 65.77611; 14.03250Coordinates: 65°46′34″N 14°01′57″E / 65.77611°N 14.03250°E / 65.77611; 14.03250
Basin countries Norway
Surface area 218.61 km2 (84.41 sq mi)
Average depth 67 metres (220 ft)[1]
Max. depth 240 metres (790 ft)[1]
(231 m before damming)
Water volume 14.80 km3 (3.55 cu mi)[1]
(12.60 km³ before damming)
Shore length1 256.37 kilometres (159.30 mi)
Surface elevation 383 metres (1,257 ft)
(374 m before damming)
References NVE,[1]
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.


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